FLASHBACK: The Media LOST IT When Mueller Declined to Charge Trump

March 24th, 2024 10:14 AM

Five years ago this weekend, a confused and disoriented liberal media was forced to deal with the fact that Robert Mueller had ended his investigation of the Trump campaign’s alleged “collusion” with Russia without recommending any charges against the then-President.

Time Cites Liberal Reasons for Making ‘Justice’ Word of the Year

December 18th, 2018 6:57 AM
As the end of 2018 draws near, several companies and websites that provide dictionaries are using the occasion to declare their choices for “Word of the Year.” When announcing Merriam-Webster’s selection on Monday, Time listed a number of negative events that took place over the past 12 months as why the dictionary company chose “justice” as its pick for 2018.

NPR's Diane Rehm Show Reprises Time Magazine's 'Transgender Tipping Po

July 18th, 2014 10:08 PM
National Public Radio’s Diane Rehm Show devoted a unanimous hour on Monday to the transgender “struggle for civil rights.” The guests were three transgender advocates and Time magazine writer Katy Steinmetz, author of Time’s magazine's cover story on “The Transgender Tipping Point.” Rehm asked Steinmetz hopefully about the alleged new frontier of civil rights: "Do you believe society is at…

Transgender Advocate Appears on Time Magazine Cover: 'This Is Who I Am

May 29th, 2014 9:57 PM
As the circulation of weekly newsmagazines continues to decline, their editors and staffs hope to draw in new readers -- as well as the people they've lost over the past few decades -- with covers that focus on controversial topics. The latest example of this ploy is the new issue of Time magazine, which depicts transgender African-American actress and “sexual diversity advocate” Laverne Cox…

Time's Steinmetz Grouses About Way Alaska Governor Released Palin E-ma

June 14th, 2011 10:21 AM
Perhaps peeved that her weekend was wasted on the nothing-burger that was the release of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin's official e-mail correspondence, Time magazine's Katy Steinmetz yesterday directed her ire at current Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell (R) for dumping the e-mails on reporters in cumbersome printed form rather than in electronic files:  

Time Compiles 'Best Viral Campaign Ads of 2010', Pans Most of the Repu

August 24th, 2010 3:59 PM
It was inevitable that someone with enough time on their hands would compile a list of the best viral campaign video ads of 2010. There sure have been some doozies this year, so I can't fault Time magazine for including hits like "Demon Sheep" and the Dale Peterson ad in their top 20 list. That said, of the 15 Republican ads in the list, most were panned by Time staffers. By contrast, two…