Eddie Glaude

Election Interference: MSNBC Does Biden's Campaign Hatchet Work

August 4th, 2020 7:40 PM

If you take a look at what the media says and does these days, it really is no surprise that most Americans can’t trust what they say or even take them seriously. Case in point, Tuesday's late afternoon segment of MSNBC Live, where Democrats were brought on to simply campaign for other Democrats.

Jim Sciutto and Nancy Pelosi

Sciutto Enables Pelosi to Make Asinine Claims About the Election

August 4th, 2020 6:43 PM

On Monday morning’s CNN Newsroom, co-host Jim Sciutto enabled Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to spread Democratic propaganda about Russian interference in the presidential election; nodding along as she made deranged statements such as Vladimir Putin deciding “who is President of the United States” in November.


LYING: MSNBC Ignores High Failure Rate of Mail-In Voting

August 4th, 2020 2:53 PM

Media deceit over mail-in voting has been routine as both Democrats and Republicans argue over how best to handle voting amid the coronavirus pandemic. Predictably, the left-wing press have consistently come down on the side of the Democrats on this issue for months. 


Helping Joe Make His Choice: CBS Is the VP Training Ground for Dems

August 4th, 2020 12:57 PM

If there’s a “minor league” for Joe Biden vice presidential possibilities, the place they go and practice while hoping for a call up to the big leagues, it’s CBS This Morning. The show has repeatedly offered up softball, gushing interviews to possible 2020 running mates. On Tuesday, Jericka Duncan interviewed Susan Rice and never once mentioned her role in the Benghazi debacle.…

Jim Sciutto

CNN Fear Over Facts: Teacher Says Trump Vote Was Her 'Death Warrant'!

August 4th, 2020 9:56 AM

On Monday morning’s CNN Newsroom, host Jim Sciutto brought on Oklahoma special education teacher and former Trump voter Nancy Shively to gush over an op-ed she wrote for USA Today in which she accused President Trump of “asking us to risk our health and our very lives” for recommending that schools reopen in the fall. Sciutto praised her for having a “backbone,” told her that she “…


MSNBC FAIL: Watch Claims of Racist Trump Policy Immediately Collapse

August 3rd, 2020 6:18 PM

MSNBC’s rushed to label a new Trump administration housing policy racist, but then actually admitted that it was not based on race. On Saturday morning’s AM Joy, guest host Jonathan Capehart said “Trump is taking a page straight out of George Wallace’s playbook,” and brought on two fellow race-baiters, Heather McGee and Nikole Hannah-Jones, in an attempt to accuse the President of…


Facts-Free MSNBC Forgets Two Other Women Have Already Run for VP

August 3rd, 2020 3:40 PM

Joe Biden’s search for a VP candidate has heated up and the mainstream media’s cheering for Senator Kamala Harris has followed suit. They don’t even attempt to hide their love for Kamala anymore, as they change their narrative to make her the only logical pick.  On Monday’s episode of Morning Joe, this narrative was in full affect as guest Erinn Haines said that criticisms of…

WashPost Gets Leg Thrill from 'Spectacular Rise' of Lincoln Project

August 3rd, 2020 3:01 PM

Is there such a thing as Conservatives for Biden? Conservatives for the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and Defunding the Police? Would liberals not choke at the brain-taxing idea of Liberals for Trump? But the Washington Post gushed over the "spectacular rise" of the Lincoln Project.

John Berman Harvey Risch New Day 8-3-20

CNN Anchor Rips Yale Prof Who Advocates Hydroxychloroquine

August 3rd, 2020 2:17 PM

In a lengthy, contentious, interview, CNN's John Berman attempts to discredit the assertion by Dr. Harvey Risch, a Yale professor of epidemiology, that hydroxychloroquine is effective in treating high-risk outpatients.

John Avlon

Covering Up Dem LIES: CNN Calls Trump 'Pinocchio' on ObamaCare

August 3rd, 2020 1:56 PM

On Monday’s New Day, CNN guest host Erica Hill played senior political analyst John Avlon’s “reality check” segment to attack President Trump for wanting to dismantle ObamaCare. Ignoring Democratic lies that sold the law and the general failure of the policy, Avlon had the gall to accuse President Trump of lying about health care and trying to repeal ObamaCare for political gain, “no…


Who Will Cover Biden VP Hopeful's SICK Praise of Commie Castro?

August 3rd, 2020 12:22 PM

California Congresswoman Karen Bass has long been a fan of brutal dictator Fidel Castro. But now, she’s one of the final potential candidates to be Joe Biden’s running mate. So who is going to press her over fawning over the commie? Not The Washington Post. The paper on Saturday offered a 41 paragraph tribute to the “pragmatic” Bass.


Democracy Dies? CNN Floats the Idea of Biden Skipping All Debates

August 3rd, 2020 10:10 AM

Rush Limbaugh has been saying for weeks that Joe Biden would skip the presidential debates in the fall. Now former Clinton press secretary Joe Lockhart has taken to CNN.com to argue Biden should skip it, and on Saturday, Michael Smerconish put him on TV to make the case. It never occurred to Smerconish to ask Lockhart that if it sounds undemocratic to talk of moving the election, doesn't it…


UNHINGED: CNN Claims Trump Trying to Intentionally ‘Crash’ America

August 2nd, 2020 4:26 PM

Predicting “an election mess in the making, with three months before ballots will be counted” was how CNN media activist and resident soothsayer Brian Stelter was reading in the tea leaves at the top of Sunday’s show. And according to this wildly anti-Trump activist, President Trump was at the wheel of an out of control car with all of us trapped in there with him, except the vehicle wasn’t…


Confederate Coolers and Grifters: ABC Touts Anti-Trump Lincoln Project

August 2nd, 2020 1:18 PM

In a segment sponsored by an anti-Trump political ad from Americans for Limited Government, ABC’s This Week spent a portion of Sunday’s show swooning for the anti-Trump/pro-Biden political group The Lincoln Project. Celebrating how they and other former Republicans were “waging war against the President of their own party,” fill-in host Martha Raddatz and chief congressional…