Press Ignores Sheldon Whitehouse's Call For DOJ to Sue 'Vast' Global Warming 'Denial Apparatus"

June 27th, 2015 12:39 PM

While the press looks to twist even the most innocuous statements made by Republicans and conservatives into something scandalous or outrageous (e.g., Mitt Romney's "binders full of women"), they routinely ignore intemperate remarks by leftist politicians and activists. If known, they would likely damage the credibility and public perception of those making such statements. Of course, the left-dominated media can't abide by that. So they censor it.

One recent example involves Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse. Despite the unexplained and unexpected 18-year pause in global warming, the senator is convinced that the world as we know it will end without draconian measures to reduce carbon pollution and keep the earth from turning into a ball of fire. One of the strategies on his wish list is suing climate skeptics into poverty and silence.

Mediaite's Alex Griswold reported the following on Thursday (bolds are mine thoughout this post):

Dem Senator Whitehouse: Justice Dept Should Sue Global Warming Skeptics

Democratic Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse said during an interview that he believed the Justice Department should sue the “vast” global warming “denial apparatus” for lying to the American people.

“You go all the way back to the tobacco fight, and the tobacco industry created a kind of false parallel science to go along with the real science and try and compete with it,” he told the League of Conservation Voters on Sunday. “… Well, the polluters have gotten a lot more sophisticated since then.”

“But, this vast denial apparatus that propagates the false doubt, that props up the phony science, that gets these yahoos who can’t survive peer-reviewed scrutiny onto Fox News, onto the cable shows, saying that they’re scientists, they create an artificial conflict about this and that’s why I think there’s doubt.”

“A lot of people haven’t seen through the scam that’s being perpetrated,” Whitehouse said, “So that’s one of the reasons I hope that we get another lawsuit out of the Department of Justice, like the one they brought against the tobacco industry ...”

Here is the related video:

For readers' weekend entertainment and in hopes of educating the senator into at least a bit of scientific humility, here's a brief video of an "In Search Of" segment from 1978.

Narrated by the late Leonard Nimoy, it warns of "The Coming Ice" — perhaps "within a lifetime" (don't miss the horror-movie music at the very end):


Leonard Nimoy: In 1977, the worst winter in a century struck the United States.

Arctic cold ripped the Midwest for weeks on end. Great blizzards paralyzed cities in the Northeast.

One desperate night in Buffalo, eight people froze to death in their own cars. Pat Bushnell was on the road that night.

Pat Bushnell: Traffic just absolutely stopped. I was afraid of being stuck in the car all night long, with the cold and the wind, running out of gas. And then what?

I think that if we had to go through a real bad winter just like we just went through, I think we'd have to think about moving somewhere else.

Nimoy: Move where? The brutal Buffalo winter might become common all over the United States.

Climate experts believe the next Ice Age is on its way. According to recent evidence, it could come sooner than anyone had expected.

At weather stations in the far north, temperatures have been dropping for 30 years. Seacoasts long free of summer ice are now blocked year-round.

According to some climatologists, within a lifetime, we might be living in the next Ice Age.

At least those who were worried about an Ice Age in the late 1970s were reacting to something genuine, i.e., the worst winter in a century. Today, warmists continue to insist that warming is real, and that skeptics must be silenced, even after 18 years of, well, nothing. (The situation is so desperate that warmists have taken to manipulating the raw data to make the hiatus "disappear." We're not fooled, guys.)

A search on the Rhode Island senator's name at the Associated Press's national web site predictably returns nothing relevant. A related Google News search shows that only a few center-right and other blogs have noted Whitehouse's lawsuit wish.

Certainly in decades past, much of what leftists said never became known outside their inner circles. At least with new media, some of us can learn the truth.

Mr. Whitehouse believes that he is basically free to engage in his tyrannical advocacy largely without concern about getting exposed to the general populace. He will only be wrong if enough of those who do know about his intemperance spread the word to enough people to matter.

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