'Idiotic Tweet of the Night' on Paris Terrorism from NY Times 'Comrade'

January 8th, 2015 9:05 AM

Edward Wong, the Beijing bureau chief of The New York Times, came under attack from conservatives for what Dana Loesch called the “idiotic tweet of the night” under his "Comrade Wong" Twitter handle. Wong has written articles on how "Red is far from dead" in Mao's big prison.

Wong tweeted: “Some call for an extreme use of force to respond to Paris attacks, but school shootings in US have killed more and US leaders do nothing.” Then, after the furor, Wong deleted it.

Via Twitchy, here were some conservative responses:

Wong also wrote on the very next day after U.S. forces captured Saddam Hussein: "The joyous bursts of gunfire that echoed throughout parts of Iraq on Sunday are already a distant memory."

In his book Gray Lady Down, author William McGowan called Wong “probably the most antimilitary reporter the Times sent to Iraq” and noted a 2004 dispatch where Wong wrote, “By early Saturday, marines and soldiers had swept through most of the city and cornered insurgents in the south, leaving behind shelled buildings, bullet-riddled cars and rotting corpses. It proved one thing: That the Americans are great at taking things apart. What comes after the battlefield victory has always been the real problem for them during their 19 months in Iraq.”