On 'Net Neutrality,' ABC Headline Paints Obama As Seeking 'To Rescue The Internet'

November 11th, 2014 5:13 PM

It’s always amusing that the leftist fans of “net neutrality” are the biggest backers of journalistic advocacy. ABC News actually carried this online headline: “Net Neutrality: How President Obama Wants to Rescue the Internet.” ABC’s Alyssa Newcomb painted Obama as sympathizing with the anti-commercial protesters:

President Obama came out swinging today against proposed measures he said would "end the Internet as we know it," by allowing service providers to create fast and slow lanes.

As protesters gathered outside the house of Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler, Obama lent his support by issuing a statement and a YouTube video explaining why he supports keeping the Internet open to all equally.

There was no space for Ted Cruz calling net neutrality “Obamacare for the Internet.” ABC aired nothing on its airwaves on the matter.  

ABC’s headline sounded like the Daily Kos, which was so thrilled with Obama’s stand that it created a petition of support for lefties to sign, which said in part (Bold in the original):

Huge news: President Barack Obama has stepped forward to protect the free and open internet.

In no uncertain terms, President Obama joined millions of Americans to call for an open, level playing field to internet access and real net neutrality. He clearly urges the FCC to write rules which cannot lead to sweetheart paid prioritization deals, preferred access, blocking of content, and which outright bans fast and slow lanes on the internet. The president’s statement makes one thing clear—all websites must be treated equally.

Further, he explicitly states the legal authority we’ve been pushing for—Title II of the Telecommunications Act with forbearance. We know this is the strongest legal framework.

This isn’t a total slam dunk—FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler could decide to go rogue and not heed the words of the President, millions of Americans, and dozens of elected officials in order to side with Team Cable—but we are in a good position to win.

We are on our path to victory, and President Obama has joined the fight.