Russell Brand Takes His Fox Hatred Directly to Fox News Headquarters, Gets Threatened With Arrest

October 17th, 2014 2:48 PM

Leftist British actor Russell Brand tried to create an anti-Fox News publicity stunt for his YouTube channel, reports the U.K. Independent.

He began: “Here we are at Fox’s headquarters, all the greats are here - Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity - all of the people who refuse to have us on the show. Sean Hannity, who booked us and then cancelled us. So we are going to do a Trews special from here, in the heart of the establishment.”

Hannity producer Porter Berry told Mediaite that Brand was never booked.

Then Brand launched at O'Reilly: "In this particular episode, Bill O'Reilly is helping us be more Islamophobic. You might not feel that Islamophobic today. You might think, ‘aw, people who are Muslim are the same as us, they just a different religious perspective. Bill will help you to find some hatred in your heart for people just like you."

After a clip of O’Reilly saying 35 countries practice some form of Sharia law, “which is controversial to say the least,” Brand fired back: “The least you can say, Bill, is nothing at all. Then the world would be a better place.” He then attacked the Fox narrative as based on “prejudices,” and even referred to “Dear old Uncle Hemorrhoid Bill.”

Then a guard came, and said “Excuse me. You can’t film here, this is private property.” Brand asked "Whose property is it?" The guard said "The building." Brand asks who owns the building, the guard said "It doesn't matter." Brand then asserted “I’ll just stay here then.” The guard responded: “Do you want to get arrested?”

Later in the video, he enters the lobby of the building, filmed from outside, only to be told by an off-screen employee: “You can’t stay on the property and film anything.” He came out and talked about how "they know you're rabblerousing....They know there's antipathy."

He concluded by claiming there's a poll that found "Eighty percent of Americans think America’s run for corporations." This apparently comes from the left-wing site, which claims its poll found something a little different, that 81 percent of Americans "agree that the secret flow of corporate political spending is bad for democracy."