NBC Late Night Star Seth Meyers Kisses Up as Clinton Awards Emcee: 'President Clinton Is Here! And So Is Bill!'

September 23rd, 2014 8:24 AM

Like every other group of Democratic boot-lickers, NBC stars are moving the eye of their adoration from Obama to the next alleged president, Hillary Clinton. The Washington Post reported Tuesday that NBC late-night star Seth Meyers hosted the opening of the annual Clinton Global Initiative on Sunday night.

“President Clinton is here! And so is Bill!” Meyers joked after Hillary opened the glitzy awards banquet. “Bill grinned and applauded from the audience,” reported the Post.

To be fair, adoring Hillary isn’t new for Meyers. Last year, in the February 2013 issue of GQ magazine, Meyers wrote, "I think somebody who is getting sexier every year is Hillary Clinton. Every year she seems better at whatever she's doing.”

The Post noted that the star-studded Clinton confab outshines the United Nations General Assembly it was meant to complement. So many celebrities want to be seen with the Clintons.

“The world is now at a turning point, and climate change is the defining issue of our time,” Leonardo DiCaprio said as he accepted a CGI Global Citizen award on Sunday night. “The task before us to protect this planet will require the largest movement in human history.”

The actor was introduced by Carter Roberts, CEO of the World Wildlife Fund, who laid the praise on thick: “We are exhausting our planet’s capabilities to support you and me. Now more than ever, Mother Nature needs a voice. Ladies and gentlemen, Leonardo DiCaprio is that voice.”