State Dept. Press Deputy Sneers at O'Reilly Show For Having No 'Intelligence & Class'

September 4th, 2014 12:27 PM

Fox News correspondent James Rosen has been investigated by Obama's Justice Department for being a "co-conspirator" and violator of the Espoinage Act. Attorney general Eric Holder even approved seizing Rosen's private e-mails. Now, Rosen's latest question at a State Department briefing to press aide Jen Psaki prompted her assisant Marie Harf to tweet that Psaki "explains foreign policy w/ intelligence & class. Too bad we can't say the same about @oreilly factor."

Rosen told Bill O'Reilly that "After a little more back and forth, Jen Psaki told me, she sees no utility in placing new labels on the terms of engagement for the United States. If you translate that from diplo- speak, it means no.
This administration does not regard the murders of Mr. Foley and Sotloff as acts of war or more to the point this administration is not placing United States on a war footing with respect to ISIS." O'Reilly said Psaki "looks way out of her depth over there." [See video below.] 

Rosen added that the president and his team had about three spins on ISIS:

ROSEN: At one point, he said the mission is to destroy ISIS. At another point, he spoke of wanting to roll them back and at still another point he spoke of wanting to shrink ISIS sphere of influence until it is manageable problem.

And, when I asked Jen Psaki today in today's briefing about the apparent contradiction between wanting to destroy something and then wanting simply to reduce to a manageable problem, she accused me of trying to, quote, "Twist words and play word games," Bill.

O'REILLY: OK. But, with all due respect and you do not have to comment on this. That woman looks way out of her depth over there. Just the way she delivers. It just does not look like she has the gravitas for that job.

That must have caused the tweet (HT our own @TimPDion):