CNN Starts 'Blanket Boycott' Against Fox News Authors

February 11th, 2008 10:26 PM
CNN Has stiffed Geraldo! - Media Research CenterNow, this is how we expect the more "civilized," more "caring," more "intelligent" folks over at CNN to act, isn't it? The Page 6 column in the New York Post found that CNN has instituted a "a blanket boycott" of anyone from Fox News from appearing on their precious airwaves, even though Fox has had several CNN folks on their shows when those CNNers were flogging their books and side projects. It seems civility is something that CNN just cannot muster these days.

THE folks at Fox News Channel are magnanimous enough to put their rivals from CNN on air, but CNN isn't big enough to return the favor. Geraldo Rivera - who has a new book coming out, "His Panic: Why Americans Fear Hispanics in the U.S." - was booked to appear on Nancy Grace's CNN show on Feb. 28. But then he was disinvited and told CNN had "a blanket boycott" against anyone from Fox. " 'The Most Trusted Name in News' just chickened out," Rivera told Page Six. "This reveals a corporate insecurity." Fox has had on as guests both Wolf Blitzer and Glenn Beck. A CNN rep denied any boycott and blamed a scheduling conflict.

It's bad enough that CNN is so anti-social that they won't return Fox's kindness, but even worse that they went ahead and booked Geraldo and then pulled the rug out from under his invite after all the plans were made!

Insult to injury to Mr. Rivera, for sure.

It shouldn't be shocking that one network would find advertising for members of another network an idea they wouldn't want to warm to, of course. But the whole ridiculous situation of scheduling interviews then ungraciously canceling them at the last minute just reeks of childish, unprofessional behavior. Especially since Fox has occasionally had CNN's folks on in the past to help them flog their books.

Like I said, though. We expect this sort of uncivil behavior from the left. The next thing you know, John Mellenkamp will try to stop John McCain from using his music or something.

(h/t Thomas Stewart)