AP: Making McDonald's a Chinese Fat Kid's Paradise?

January 20th, 2007 9:12 AM

The AP has published a story today about the grand opening of the first McDonald's outlet with a drive-through window in China. It opened yesterday in Beijing to rave reviews from its first customers.

Apparently, the fast food chain is growing by leaps and bounds in the communist enslaved nation. McDonald's China CEO, Jeffery Schwartz is quoted in the AP piece about the company's growth in the Red Nation. "It's huge. It's a real priority for the global company because of the potential growth in China...We think drive-throughs are a big part of this."

And, when you read the AP's story everything seems upbeat and glowing about McDonald's growth and future opportunities in China." It's all good", as they say. And, it is no surprise that the AP's business writer, amusingly named Joe McDonald -- no I am serious, that IS his name-- was so aglow over the heightened business opportunities for the McDonald's chain.

Then you look at the picture supplied with the story... Look at the pounds on THAT kid! He looks like a Sumo wrestler! (I know, I know, Sumos are Japanese. give me a break, will ya. Comedy ain't pretty.)

It left me wondering if the AP was trying to slyly imply that McDonald's will make China's kids fat? Are they trying to warn their friends in China to turn away from the temptation of a double cheese burger? It seems that the AP saying, "turn away, my red friends... or you'll end up looking like this porker!"

Look at the gaping mouth of that 'lil feller! Is his mouth agape and watering for a Big Mac, or is he so fat he is just gasping for breath?

I wonder if large Chinese people tell their comrades that they aren't fat, just big boned?

How do you say big boned in Chinese?

I find the whole thing rather amusing, as you can tell. Is the AP that heavy handed in their "subliminal" messaging? If so, they need to learn the definition of the word "subtle"!

I wonder how you say "subtle" in Chinese? Bet it isn't "AP".

Along with Breibart.com's posting, the same picture appears on several websites with the AP's story (and it is an AP supplied photo credited to photographer Ng Han Guan).

The Detroit News andCBS News, among others, paraded the poor, bewildered, fat Chinese kid before their readers.

At least we can all have some fun with this story! I guess I should get ready for some you-are-a-fat-person-hater letters, though.