CNN Law Enforcement Analyst: Women Aren't Capable of Carrying Guns in Classrooms

February 27th, 2018 6:52 AM

Tom Fuentes, a Senior Law Enforcement Analyst at CNN, had a 29-year career with the FBI.

His Saturday comments about the alleged difficulties women allegedly have carrying guns — y'know, because they wear dresses and skirts — leave one wondering whether he learned anything while he was a G-man.

Fuentes appeared Saturday on CNN Newsroom with Fredricka Whitfield (h/t Washington Free Beacon):

Transcript (beginning at 0:06):

TOM FUENTES: ... And then, one of the things that people don’t talk about, a lot of these schools, Sandy Hook had an all-female faculty from principal to teachers.

And for a woman, where are you going to hide that gun during the day? You can’t put it in your desk drawer. Somebody might steal it, you can’t get to it. You're not going to have it in a safe in the principal’s office. You can’t get to it.

On your person, hiding it, if you wear a dress, if you wear a skirt, are you going to have to wear a jacket every day with a belt and a holster the way a detective on duty would do?

It’s not a real practical solution for a variety of reasons, much less being adept is more than just pulling the trigger and making the bullet go down range.

FREDRICKA WHITFIELD: And the comfort level and all of that ...

The pair essentially questioned whether women are physically and psychologically capable of carrying — as if no woman in recorded history ever has.

Since he apparently learned next to nothing about women and guns in his 29 FBI years, Fuentes could have at least sought online guidance and proof in reported news items that some school personnel already carry:

  • The NRA has a whole section of guidance for women, and a "Refuse to Be a Victim" program.
  • One of several relevant websites is The Well Armed Woman, which has a section on apparel containing holsters and other related items.
  • A Thursday Wall Street Journal article on the subject of armed teachers in the classroom doesn't name names, but the photo at its beginning shows "Ohio teachers attend a weapons training session in 2013." Imagine that.
  • Additionally, Butler County, Ohio Sheriff Rick Jones "predicted on Friday that hundreds ... (of school personnel) would soon be trained and ready" to carry in the classroom or school. Some of these teachers are surely women.

Fuentes is no stranger to on-air gaffes and displays of ignorance:

  • In July 2016, he feared "fatal gun violence at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland due to Ohio's open carry law." Nothing bad happened.
  • In December 2015, before the facts were out about the San Bernardino, California massacre perpetrated by two Muslim extremists, he contended it was likely that "an anti-government domestic militia group” carried out the attack.
  • In July 2015, he wasn't sure if the name of Chattanooga terrorist Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez was Muslim.

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