Aurora, Col. Sentinel Editor Wants NRA's 'Guilty Monsters ... Sent to Guantanamo Bay For All Eternity'

May 5th, 2013 8:36 PM

Time was, several decades ago, that local and regional news in many parts of the country served as a bit of an antidote against the relentlessly biased national establishment press.

That certainly isn't the case in Aurora, Colorado, site of last year's horrible theater murders at the alleged hands of James Holmes. Dave Perry, the editor of the Aurora Sentinel, wrote a column on April 25 proving that he is not fit to hold his current position, especially when it comes to overseeing reporting on Second Amendment matters. Among other things, he characterized the National Rifle Association as "the real terrorist threat here in America" whose members are "guilty monsters" who should be "sent to Guantanamo Bay for all eternity" (bolds are mine; HT Instapundit):

I’m talking about the real terrorist threat here in America: the National Rifle Association

I have seen the light. After all these years, I now agree that it’s fruitless to give the benefit of the doubt to people who are so obviously corrupt, so clearly malevolent, so bent on hurting innocent people for their own sick gain.

No more due process in the clear-cut case of insidious terrorism. When the facts are so clearly before all Americans, for the whole world to see, why bother with this country’s odious and cumbersome system of justice? Send the guilty monsters directly to Guantanamo Bay for all eternity and let them rot in their own mental squalor.

No, no, no. Not the wannabe sick kid who blew up the Boston marathon or the freak that’s mailing ricin-laced letters to the president. I’m talking about the real terrorist threat here in America: the National Rifle Association.

I’m not laughing. What the NRA did last week was no laughing matter. Aurora is a community that knows only too well the downside of prolific guns, of military weapons in the hands of crazy people, of a nation that’s gone so far off base when it comes to firearm regulations that common sense is beyond our reach.

... If you don’t read the thousands of newspapers in this country that came out with their own editorial guns a’blazing last week after a minority of craven, lying, sniveling, cowardly U.S. senators cheated the very premise of American government to back their masters at the NRA, let me offer you a few choice excerpts:

“But now, the cowards defied the will of most Americans and helped the hardliners and hypocrites prevail. They allowed themselves to be cowed into submission by a loud but very unrepresentative minority of NRA members who threatened retribution against anyone who voted in favor of the bill.”

Just another liberal rag in a liberal wasteland toeing the liberal line? No, that was the Dallas Morning News.

... Mission accomplished. You want to know who those people really are? Well some people estimate that 1 in 4 Americans now own a gun. That would be about 76 million people. How many “belong” to the NRA? About 4.5 million. You know how many Americans don’t answer to the NRA goons? 309 million Americans.

For the record, anyone who knows even a little bit about the Dallas Morning News knows that it is quite close to the truth to characterize it as "just another liberal rag toeing the liberal line" which would turn Texas into a liberal wasteland if its editors and reporters had their way. This explains how, in a city with 1.2 million people with the fourth-largest metro area in the country (6.7 million people), it only has a paid daily circulation of 256,000 and a Sunday circulation of 362,000.

Unlike another out of control screed written by columnist Donald Kaul at the Des Moines Register in late December -- Kaul expressed a desire to kill NRA members and to "tie Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, our esteemed Republican leaders, to the back of a Chevy pickup truck and drag them around a parking lot until they saw the light on gun control" -- it doesn't appear likely that Perry will be able to claim that what he wrote was satire and that we're all just too stupid to recognize it, as Kaul did in early January.

Aurora-area readers and advertisers are hopefully smart enough to know that their hometown paper isn't worthy of their patronage as long as Dave Perry is its editor.

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