NewsBusters Podcast: New Hampshire Spin on Nikki Haley, Dean Phillips

January 24th, 2024 10:15 PM

The New Hampshire primary results didn't dampen media enthusiasm for a Trump vs. Biden rerun. But Nikki Haley only lost by 11 percent. Democrat Dean Phillips almost hit 20 percent against President Biden. Haley's voters were lauded for their votes, but Phillips remained an asterisk in the pro-Biden media's coverage.

Associate Editor Nick Fondacaro analyzed the election-night spin in real time.  Minutes after the polls closed, ABC’s Eva Pilgrim lionized Haley's non-Republican voters as people on a mission, who understood the assignment, and could decide the entire Republican race. They "told us...they take this job seriously...what they decide here, they know matters in a big way." This is not what Pilgrim would say about voters who chose Dean Phillips instead of Joe Biden. 

During live coverage on CNN, former Obama official Van Jones insisted Trump should debate Haley now that there are only two candidates. “I do see it somewhat differently just with regard to the debate. I do think that he looks weak. Basically, there's a woman that says, ‘I want to getcha, I want to debate you,’” he said. “And he looks weak running from one person.” Jones also acknowledged Biden is weak. Trump's "resilience is really a reflection of Biden’s fragility,” he proclaimed.

On The View this week, Alyssa Farah Griffin complained it was "sexism" that Ron DeSantis endorsed Biden (like the other GOP candidates did). Joy Behar replied out loud that many Democrats think Biden a better chance defeating Trump than Haley. After Trump celebrated his victory, Whoopi Goldberg indelicately referred to Sen. Tim Scott being inside Trump's intestines: "I thought if you get any more up this man's backside. All we'll see is Tim Scott's feet and he'll be wearing Donald Trump.”

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