NewsBusters Podcast: Saving 'Fair and Balanced' for Hamas Terrorists?

October 13th, 2023 10:54 PM

As Israel prepares a ground offensive in Gaza, suddenly the media discover the need for fairness and balance...on behalf of Hamas terrorists. The Republicans somehow don't deserve the consideration that "oppressed" Islamists receive. It's considered a respectable point of view to compare Israel to the Nazis, instead of a despicable smear. 

Our video editor Bill D'Agostino discusses the clips he organized this week demonstrating over the last ten years how leftist networks openly sided with the Hamas side, putting Israel in "context" as an oppressor -- which lends support to the idea that their civilians deserved to be murdered in their homes or at music festivals. 

MSNBC brought us a series of veterans of Al-Jazeera and its American counterpart -- Mehdi Hasan, Ali Velshi, and Ayman Mohyeldin could be counted on for the "progressive" spin against Western powers and their imperialist designs, just like the emir of Qatar has paid for it. But they're hardly alone. Sunny Hostin of The View turned heads all over by comparing the Hamas terrorists to...the Proud Boys in America. 

The Left was also alarmed that woke students at elite schools might end up punishing in their job searches for signing inflammatory statements that suggested Israel alone was to blame for the massacres of its citizens. Their "fact checkers" seemed fixated on trying to deny that babies were actually beheaded by Hamas, when perhaps they were simply shot. Is there a moral difference? 

Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to podcasts.