New York Times Touts USA as a Global Danger, But Trump's Somehow the Unpatriotic One

July 4th, 2023 4:23 PM

The New York Times had a lot of chutzpah to present Donald Trump as ruining celebrations of America's history on Fourth of July weekend. This is the paper pushing the fact-mangled "1619 Project" on America's systemic racism! 

Reporter Michael Gold began a dispatch from a Trump speech in Pickens, South Carolina: 

Former President Donald J. Trump drew a crowd of thousands on Saturday to a quiet South Carolina town’s Independence Day event, where he assailed the integrity of major American institutions and painted a dark portrait of the country ahead of a holiday meant to celebrate its underpinnings.

Gold added "the twice-impeached and twice-indicted former president railed against Democrats and liberals, who he said threatened to rewrite America’s past and erase its future."

Gold found a super-fan in the crowd he wanted to underline: 

Pam Nichols, who described herself as an “insurrectionist,” said that she flew from Mundelein, Ill., to proudly support Mr. Trump in person. She had last done so in Washington on Jan. 6, 2021, she said, when a mob of Mr. Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol building.

On the same day that the Times was tweeting out Trump's ill-mannered attack on American institutions, it was promoting a Morning Joe regular attacking America as the "most serious danger to the security of the world." But that's not an attack on "American institutions," just the Republicans under Trump's thrall. 

Times reporter Peter Baker explained that retiring Council on Foreign Relations president Richard Haass is very down on America right now:

But as he steps down after two decades running America’s most storied private organization focused on international affairs, Mr. Haass has come to a disturbing conclusion. The most serious danger to the security of the world right now? The threat that costs him sleep? The United States itself.

“It’s us,” he said ruefully the other day.

That was never a thought this global strategist would have entertained until recently. But in his mind, the unraveling of the American political system means that for the first time in his life the internal threat has surpassed the external threat. Instead of being the most reliable anchor in a volatile world, Mr. Haass said, the United States has become the most profound source of instability and an uncertain exemplar of democracy.

The Times plugged a new book on citizenship by Haass, outlining ways Americans can help heal the country, such as “Be Informed,” “Remain Civil,” “Put Country First” — as if any of these are mottoes at MSNBC!