Column: The Biden-Associated Press Promotes Kamala's Jabs and Swagger

April 28th, 2023 6:03 AM

First, the liberal-enabling media did a round of stories celebrating President Biden’s nasty, dishonest video announcing his re-election bid, the one where Republicans want to take away freedom. Up next? Celebrating Kamala Harris.

The Associated Press offered a “news story” (no “Analysis” label) from White House reporter Chris Megerian titled “Harris faces new test of political skills in 2024 campaign.” How bland is that? They make it easy to joke that they are the “Biden-Associated Press.”

Megerian believes the pro-Harris hype. He tweeted “Vice presidents are rarely decisive in reelection campaigns. But Kamala Harris is a potential exception as she leads the charge on Democrats’ most potent issue,” abortion.

His story began: “She swaggered, she jabbed, she inspired. She even joked. Anyone looking for a glimpse of what Vice President Kamala Harris could bring to the campaign trail would have found it this week at Howard University, where she headlined a rally for reproductive rights.”

Apparently, Harris spouting happy talk at pro-abortion extremists is “looser, more forceful and more willing to speak off the cuff following her trip to Africa a month ago.” She ranted about the “extremist so-called leaders” who oppose the killing of unborn babies.

The unborn are not even an after-thought with Democrats. Harris said “you understand that the true sign of a leader, the measure of a leader is not based on who you beat down and belittle; it is based and measured on who you lift up.” An unborn baby is more than “beat down and belittled” in an abortion.

But Harris claimed “that’s what these extremists lack — is the strength to have the courage to understand that real leaders care about the people and their dignity and their autonomy and their right to determine what is in their own best interest.”

AP won't ask if Democrats believe in autonomy for people in deciding on vaccines or which cars they drive, on whether they can buy rifles or choose “misinformation” on the internet. They were too busy being impressed with how she swaggered, jabbed, and inspired the abortion lobbyists at EMILY’s List and NARAL.

Democrat pollster Cornell Belcher is brought in to announce that Harris is “probably better positioned to connect with, in an authentic way, that critical emerging cohort of the American electorate that we are absolutely positively dependent on to win a majority.” Then they note her approval rating is 36 percent.

Let’s fast-forward to how the story ends, with liberal black women touting Kamala. “In her own way, as a female, as an African American, she is stepping out,” said Camille Zeigler. “What’s happening is she’s not stepping out in the way that society wants her to step out.” Zeigler said some people want to put Harris in a box as “an angry black woman or a mad black woman or a black woman with an attitude.” Zeigler claimed Harris answers with “grace” and “poise,” providing “a model for other African-American women.”

Beverly Rice celebrated Harris making history as vice president: “It’s about time,” she said. “We’ve been building America forever.”

There are a few discouraging words in the piece from Republicans. Nikki Haley says we could easily get “President Harris,” considering Biden’s age. DeSantis backer Erin Perrine nails it: “She is prone to not only stepping on the message, but putting out word salad answers, and then when she gets uncomfortable, getting into a laughing fit.”

But overall, the reader ends up feeling like Megerian is wearing one of those pro-Kamala T-shirts as he compiled this story, like the one that says “Kamala: Strong, Principled, Fearless.”