NEW NewsBusters Podcast: Al Roker Gets Easter Egg-Rolled by the Bidens

April 10th, 2023 9:19 PM

President Biden routinely avoids interviews with real journalists and press conferences. But at the Easter Egg Roll, Joe and Jill were lightly massaged on the Today show by NBC morning weather man Al Roker. It felt like Valentine's Day. NBC spent the rest of the show (and the rest of the day) celebrating the "scoop" when Biden told Roker he was planning to run again in 2024. No one was shocked, but it's somehow the closest he's come to declaring he's in.

As we discussed on Friday, the networks continue to bathe the Bullhorn Justins -- radical black Democrat legislators Justin Jones and Justin Pearson -- in glory for being expelled by the Republicans in the Tennessee House of Representatives. They completely downplayed the screaming on the House floor about "no action, no peace," making it sound like the Republicans would expel them just for gentle protesting.

The goal remained to make Americans forget that a crazed transgender "man" shot and killed six inside a Christian school.

These men made wild claims all over television about "the House Republicans' attempt to crucify democracy" and the Republicans making a "toxic work environment" with their "comments about hanging you on a tree." They had zero fear of fact checkers, and their smears were left to hang in the air. NBC's story by Kathy Park on Today was almost as soft as an Al Roker interview -- no Republicans were quoted while the Democrats were paraded back and forth.

Meanwhile, the liberal journalists at ProPublica prepared a report that allowed the Left to cry for the impeachment of Justice Clarence Thomas. On the April 7 NBC Nightly News, anchorman Lester Holt tipped at the top: "Clarence Thomas speaking out, saying he did nothing wrong by accepting and not disclosing luxury trips over two decades paid for by a Republican megadonor." Legal reporter Laura Jarrett worked in all the adjectives -- lavish, swanky, luxury, superyacht. Maximum embarrassment was the goal.

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