PolitiFact Screams 'FALSE' at Laura Ingraham on Who 'Stormed' the Tennessee Capitol

April 6th, 2023 2:40 PM

The "independent fact-checkers" have this relentless tendency to line up with the Left, especially when they want to defend their January 6 narrative. Sarah D. at Twitchy noticed PolitiFact slammed a "FALSE" ruling on Fox News host Laura Ingraham for a segment on Friday night.

PolitiFact staff writer Madison Czopek -- who just a month ago was furious at Tucker Carlson's January 6 film festival  -- somehow mustered up outrage over this singular sentence about the protesters: 

"They even made their way on to the state capitol floor."

What you can see in the video is a man with a bullhorn leading a call-and-response to protesters -- "No justice! No peace!" Isn't that strongly hinting at  insurrection, unless your list of demands are met?

The error is that "no-peace" Bullhorn Man was an actual state legislator. Is that what elected leaders shout? So he's apparently an "authorized protester," or an "elected protest leader." 

Ingraham said a video clip showed that protesters in Tennessee "made their way onto the state capitol floor."

The video showed three Democrats, all elected state representatives, who on March 30 disrupted the legislative session to call for action against gun violence. There’s no evidence unauthorized protesters made their way onto the House floor, however. We rate this claim False. 

Leftists love occupying state capitols for their favorite issues, like abortion, LGBTQ issues, or union rules. You can see in this video that there was a lot of pushing and shoving with police, but leftists emphasized that no one was arrested or hurt, and certainly not shot by the police. They can't stand anyone suggesting these events are comparable to the riot in DC, and so the "fact checkers" second that emotion. Their "fact judgment" aligns with liberal-media "news judgment." 

These three "no peace" legislators are now in danger of being removed, at least temporarily, from elected office. If that's an outrage, recall Democrats wanted to remove MTG from Congress over January 6.

Czopek noted that the Ingraham show "credited the video to the Tennessee Holler, which had tweeted the video at about 11:35 a.m. local time. The Tennessee Holler describes itself as a 'progressive news site.'" (They're so progressive MeidasTouch adores them.) The tweet explicitly identified the Twitter accounts of three Democrat legislators.

Then Czopek noted that the Holler folks also attacked us at the MRC -- to be precise, MRCTV, which also tweeted out video. 

The conservative nonprofit organization Media Research Center, for example, included the clip in a tweet that said, "Leftists storm the Tennessee Capitol demanding more gun control measures.

In a response, The Tennessee Holler called the Media Research Center tweet "misleading."

"The people in that second video (ours) are elected representatives," the group wrote in a tweet.

Earth to the Holler: Leftists can be elected! Apparently, if you're elected, you can't "storm" your own workplace? Czopek didn't like the on-screen language "LEFTIST AGITATORS STORM STATE CAPITOLS." 

PolitiFact was flagging a Facebook page with less than 5,000 followers that recirculates a lot of Fox News headlines and video clips. 

PS: Overall, Laura has 13 fact checks at PolitiFact, and none of them are "True" or "Mostly True." There's one "Half True," three "Mostly False," eight "False," and one "Pants on Fire."

Lawrence O'Donnell, her rival in that time slot at MSNBC gets a 50/50 . He has four "True" or "Mostly True," and four "False" or "Mostly False." The last check on O'Donnell is from April 2015....eight years ago!