NewsBusters Podcast: Journalism In a Post-Truth World

March 10th, 2023 10:54 PM

The Catholic cable network EWTN and Franciscan University are holding a conference on "Journalism In a Post-Truth World" on Friday and Saturday in DC, at the National Museum of the Bible. I was invited to bring our perspective to how media bias distorts the news. Despite naming our website NewsBusters, we want to be pro-journalism, but so much of the media-elite product isn't reporting as much as it is messaging.

We deal with bias by commission -- those blatant attempts to put out Democrat talking points and call it "news." But it's bias by omission you need to worry about. What are we not being told? When Democrats are in power, there are going to be stories and scandals they don't want anyone talking about. Everything is based on what is helpful to Democrats, and avoiding what is not helpful.

One obvious example was the networks skipping Attorney General Merrick Garland being grilled by Republicans. That's one of several recent hearings by Republicans they try to avoid. But then NPR turned around days later and promoted Garland flying to Ukraine to speak out against Russian war crimes. They avoid the unhelpful angle, and then NPR's reporter got on a plane to help Garland sound like a hero.

The same thing happens in coverage of the Catholic Church and the Pope. When Pope Francis talks about climate change and the depredations of capitalism, he's seen as helpful. On the other hand, if the pontiff argues against abortion or transgenderism, that's seen as not helpful, so they're more likely to skip over those remarks. 

Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to podcasts.