Chris Hayes Begs Dems to Run Ad of Gutfeld's Hot Abortion Take In Swing States

September 8th, 2022 4:51 PM

Nick Arama at Redstate noted MSNBC host Chris Hayes is swaggering around on Twitter over comments Greg Gutfeld made Wednesday on The Five about the Democrats taking an extreme, no-restrictions stance on abortion. Democrats are imagining they'll have a "Roe-vember," where swing voters come rushing toward the baby-killing party. 

As Scott Whitlock just pointed out, Democrats running for office usually have zero restrictions on abortion. It's a "woman's right to choose" with no brakes, and the media skip over mentioning that or how it's extreme. 

Here's the Gutfeld statement, made after a discussion of political battles over school boards. He suggested Republicans reclaim the mantle of being a party for parents, as schools have become fraught with lockdowns, drag shows, the pronoun police, and rage at racially questionable historical figures adorning the names of schools.

GUTFELD: I remember when I was watching the protests after 2016, when Trump won, and I saw the protests. and it was a lot of single women, it wasn't a lot of men. And the men there, they were not exquisite specimens, let's face it.  But I saw a lot of young and angry females and the Democratic Party in a way has become the party of young, angry single women, right? They place abortion before babies. It’s their right to have convenient up to the birth abortion on demand -- up to the birth. That is not a party for a family. That's a psychosis. If you think you can abort a child up to the day of birth? That's insane. That's insane. So I think the Republican Party should focus on being the party for parents. It's right there. It's a real battle. The facts are there. Do it. 

Dana Perino then said "Reclaim," and Gutfeld said "Don't get framed." Liberals on Twitter responded to Hayes in a predictable fashion: 

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