NEW NewsBusters Podcast: Pro-Biden Media Rally Around the Ukraine Failure

February 23rd, 2022 9:32 PM

It's odd when the same media that won't say the Pledge of Allegiance out loud suddenly demand everyone needs to be good patriotic Americans and support President Biden as Russia invades Ukraine and underlines Biden's failure and weakness on the world stage. They hounded House Republicans for mocking Biden walking away, refusing to answer questions from the press.

CNN's Kasie Hunt tried to shame the GOP on Twitter: "Official arm of House GOP as the US works to keep alliances strong and US influence at its peak. Who is the enemy, exactly?" Shouldn't the CNN journalist be more upset at the president not taking questions from journalists? (Former White House screamer Jim Acosta tweeted Biden denouncing Putin, like a good Democrat.)

Russia invading Ukraine -- just as it did in 2014 under Obama-Biden -- underlines how Putin isn't afraid of the Democrats when they're in the White House. Once again, some journalists were "reality-based" enough to admit that Mitt Romney was right in 2012 when he said Russia was our top geopolitical foe and Obama mocked him as stuck in the 1980s.

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