NPR Fawned Over BLM, Now Warns of 'Extremist Core' of Canadian Trucker Protests

February 14th, 2022 6:32 AM

NPR provides a dramatic example of the national media's adoration of Black Lives Matter in dramatic contrast to their panic over "extremist" Canadian trucker protests. Don't forget that NPR embarrassed themselves trying to deny the obvious fact that the BLM founders are self-proclaimed Marxists. That was "disinformation" on the internet!

They also promoted the "Marxist-informed" book In Defense of Looting and another author who wanted radical-left protests defined as "rebellions" and not as "riots" or criminal activity. 

So it's a little stunning that now they're posting stories headlined The Ottawa trucker protest is rooted in extremism, a national security expert says. Under the image of one protester with a Confederate flag and another holding up a jokey sign saying "WE THE FRINGE," Nell Clark warned: 

Authorities are increasingly wary of the extremist views on display during the demonstrations, which some have dubbed the "Freedom Convoy."

...Ottawa City Councilor Matthew Luloff told Morning Edition that hate symbols and acutely anti-Semitic writing have been seen at the rallies. Along with Canadian flags, some protestors have also been showing off U.S. Confederate flags and swastikas.

"Some of the most well-known radicals in this country have now descended upon the capital. Some of them are calling for violence. Some of them are threatening individual politicians," said Luloff.

Some of the protestors have legitimate concerns, noted Luloff. But what's driving those using the protests to push hate

In fact, extremist groups are at the core of the movement, Stephanie Carvin, a national security expert, tells Morning Edition. Carvin reports groups with conspiratorial beliefs, anti-government and bigoted views have been trying for years to organize a convoy, but vaccine mandates helped to finally give their plan enough momentum in Ottawa.

"In reality, I think what we're looking at is something like a spark that lit a powder keg within the wider Canadian population," Carvin says.

On her Twitter account, Carvin is uncorking her partisan hate for these protests. She can't abide a Canadian Tea Party breaking out. 

NPR is a scam, a left-wing propaganda network that takes the money of conservative taxpayers and puts out socialist propaganda. When could we get some balance, fairness, or even accuracy about the Left?