PBS Airs Promotional Biden White House Holiday Special (But Never Did Under Trump)

December 24th, 2021 4:01 PM

On December 21, PBS aired a promotional holiday special in their In Performance at The White House series. What made that interesting is that PBS hasn’t aired this series since 2016, before the Trumps entered the White House. PBS isn’t for all the Public. The PBS press release didn't mention that troubling little fact.

This year’s holiday program began with Jill Biden remembering that moment of “our country coming together” when the Bidens entered the White House. And then said unifying things, like the Republicans make Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle.

JILL BIDEN:  Good evening, everyone and welcome to the White House. I will never forget the moment that we stepped over that threshold on Inauguration Day. The mahogany doors closed behind us and the grandeur of the front hall caught my breath. The crystal chandelier reflecting off the marble floor, the presidential seal above the Blue Room, reminding us of what it all meant. The exhilaration of our country coming together. The honor, and pride the President and I felt, and continue to feel.

Every day we are here is special, but nothing can compare to how this place comes alive for the holiday season. That's why, for our first Christmas here, Joe and I wanted to share the White House with you, the American people.

There were some honorifics thrown in as the show moved along. Host Jennifer Garner came in, with the required Doctor salute: “Hello, happy holidays! Thank you, Dr. Biden!” Ten minutes in, Garner announced the White House decorating theme: “This year, Dr. Biden was inspired by the Americans she met in her many travels and is celebrating ‘Gifts from the Heart.’"

At minute 14, Billy Porter touted the official gingerbread house: “This year's house has been dedicated by Dr. Jill Biden to the frontline workers who keep our country running through the global pandemic, often at great risk to themselves and their families.”

In minute 40, USO president J.D. Crouch proclaimed: “The Bidens are a military family. They've dedicated so much of their lives and careers to supporting our service members and veterans, their families, caregivers, and survivors.” This sounded like campaign advertising.

As the show ended, the president made remarks and concluded "My fellow Americans, Jill and I, Kamala and Doug, are grateful to you for being the light that leads our nation to better days ahead."

JILL BIDEN: As we celebrate our first holiday season in the White House, we are inspired by the Americans we have met across the country. Time and time again, reminding us that our differences are precious and our similarities infinite.

KAMALA HARRIS: You remind us of the possibilities within our reach as a nation when we care for and look out for one another.

DOUG EMHOFFF: And when we lift up the values that hold us together -- dignity and respect, decency and unity -- we show the world the best of America.

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