NBC, Jimmy Fallon Offer Joe Biden 16.5 Minutes of Softball Questions and Answers

December 11th, 2021 9:21 PM

President Biden is suddenly granting softball interviews for the holidays. Late on Friday night, he showed up on NBC's Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. NBC gave him 16 and a half minutes of unchallenged publicity, just like Fallon used to offer to the Obamas. 

Don't take it us from us, take it from Deadline.com: "There were many advantages for the White House in doing the interview, as Biden got to stick to his talking points on the infrastructure bill, the Build Back Better Act and the Covid-19 relief package without facing any kind of serious follow ups." The interview was "effusive."

Fallon began by asking: "Let's start with some good news here you passed your infrastructure bill this is a big deal [cheers and applause] passed! What are some changes that Americans can expect from passing the bill?"

From that, Fallon moved on to the next softball: "I know you've been working hard on the build back better plan. Some people may not fully understand what's actually in this plan. Is there a simple way to break it down?" You could say Fallon sounds like a high school student, but high school students could offer more challenging questions.

Biden pitched the usual malarkey about costs: "By the way, every single bit of that bill is paid for no one making less than $400,000 a year will pay an additional cent in taxes, as well as it will not increase the deficit one penny."

But Biden complained "I don't have a single Republican vote right now to pass it." Fallon said "Wow!" Fallon talked about attending the Kennedy Center Honors in DC,and seeing both Republicans and Democrats enjoying the show. Biden offered potshots about the GOP: 

Even after that, Fallon said "we" gave you a standing ovation at the Kennedy Center, Mr. President, because you're such a "classy guy." He's "bringing class back."

The closest thing to a tough question was Fallon asking Biden “How much do you pay attention to your approval rating?” Biden joked “Well, not anymore. I would pay attention when they’re in the mid-60s, but now they’re in the 40s, I don’t pay attention anymore.”

Biden's softball interview was brought to you in part by Amazon and Starbucks.