Editor's Pick: RedState on Media Softening the Waukesha Massacre to a 'Crash'

November 25th, 2021 9:49 PM

On Tuesday, Sister Toldjah at RedState penned a piece titled "We Need to Talk About How the Media Is Labeling the Waukesha Massacre." While "attack" or "rampage" isn't uncommon, some accounts are somehow softening the linguistic blow. 

NBC News referred to it as an “accident.” MSNBC analyst Clint Watts also bumbled into referring to it as an “accident.”

Newsweek and the Associated Press both used the word “crash” in their headlines:


She added "I checked the CNN home page today to see what it looked like. There was one Waukesha story on it." How did they refer to Brooks? As a “crash suspect”.

She said "Needless to say, based on everything we know at this point the car plowing was no 'accident' and it wasn’t merely a 'crash.'"

This softening is also what we saw at the PBS NewsHour website: "What we know about the Waukesha Christmas parade crash." On Wednesday night, Fox host Greg Gutfeld shot back: "If that car crash were an accident, it qualifies as the longest accidental car crash in history."

After this article, on Wednesday night, The Washington Post caused an uproar on Twitter for saying the rampage was "caused by an SUV." 

Somehow, the attack is caused by a vehicle, not an evil human being. It reminds us of a 2016 terrorist event in France: 

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