Only 2 Networks (Barely) Mention New Record in Border Crisis, All Skip Hunter Biden Scoop

July 17th, 2021 6:01 PM

On Friday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported another record number of apprehensions at the Mexican border in June: almost 190,000. This number does not include those who have been able to get away from Border Patrol.

But somehow, this is not an ongoing Biden border crisis. On Friday night’s newscasts, only ABC and NBC mentioned it. CBS and PBS did not.

NBC tossed just 19 seconds on the border.

Lester Holt threw this brief: "Despite scorching summer temperatures, the record migrant surge at the southern border is still growing tonight. Newly released numbers show customs and border patrol agents apprehended nearly 189,000 migrants trying to cross in June. That’s the highest number in 21 years. Over 1 million migrants have been apprehended this year."


ABC offered 12 seconds on the border.

David Muir announced: "There are new numbers tonight on the number of migrants arriving at the southern border. Border patrol agents reporting they made more than a million arrests at the border in Mexico so far this year, the highest number since at least 2005."


ABC did offer almost two minutes to a story on two Trump-supporting men allegedly plotting to blow up the Democratic Party headquarters in Sacramento, California.  


CBS ignored the border, but found 25 seconds for this domestic terror plot:


CBS also gave two minutes to the latest hot-and-heavy anti-Trump scoops from The New Yorker and a new book by two Washington Post reporters.


PBS ignored the border, but found 15 seconds for this....and 10 minutes to promote Interior Secretary Deb Haaland's effort at "healing from the indoctrination, dehumanization at Indian boarding schools."


On Friday morning, Politico had a new revelation on Hunter Biden. Ben Schreckinger reported that the Hunter probe had reached a point where they "could have issued grand jury subpoenas and sought search warrants that would have revealed its existence," but Delaware's U.S. Attorney David Weiss "decided to delay taking any actions that were likely to make the existence of the government's Hunter Biden probe public. Concerns about affecting the presidential election loomed large when Weiss entertained arguments about advancing the probe, according to the person involved in the discussions." It was supposedly apolitical to avoid anything that could help Trump. 

The networks all ignored it. As usual.