Fox's Gutfeld Mocks 'Chattering Chucklebuckets' Who Discourage Hunter Biden Reporting

October 30th, 2020 1:05 PM

On Wednesday night's edition of The Five on Fox News Channel, co-host Greg Gutfeld took after the pro-Biden media elites with a typical glint in his eye.

He played a clip of Tony Bobulinski telling Tucker Carlson that it's a "blatant lie" for Joe Biden to claim he didn't talk to Hunter Biden about his business dealings -- the lie that no one in the "objective" media wants to evaluate.

Gutfeld proclaimed with six days left in the campaign, "the chattering chucklebuckets will say -- this story isn’t going to 'move the needle'! Maybe. But that's only if you're looking at this politically. The big picture? We live in a world where the 'news' depends on who the media wishes to protect or harm."

Bingo. He continued: 

GREG GUTFELD: If it weren't a Biden but a Pence, this would flood the airwaves. We would have to sedate the entire CNN anchor team with elephant tranquilizers.

But today, most journalists are Democrats and are forewarned! If you report on this story, you'll be helping Trump get re-elected. So don’t touch this story with a ten-foot pole. Or in Hunter’s case, a ten-foot stripper pole.

It’s the same thing with riots. Any honest reporting helps Trump. So don’t do it. But if this story had implicated Trump? Can you imagine? Well, you don't have to.

Gutfeld played a medley of Rachel Maddow obsessing over Konstantin Kilimnik, the Russian oligarch associated with Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort: "This guy Kilimnik keeps turning up again and again.// Konstantin Kilimnik // Konstantin Kilimnik // Konstantin Kilimnik // Konstantin Kilimnik // he’s still Russian military intelligence// giant aluminum smelters// he started sleeping at his smelters// sabotage in his smelters// came to his smelters// very brutal start, sleeping in the smelters// tick tick tick tick tick// boom// starting ticking again// tick tick tick tick tick tick tick // four hours later, boom // boom? // you’re stressing me out, he starts tick tick ticking again."

Gutfeld reminisced:

GUTFELD: Whoever smelt it? Those were the days: when unsubstantiated rumors created nightly comic masterpieces. Yet we aren't even acting close to that nuts over Hunter. And we have tapes, and the words, and the witnesses! Yet, we see a media blackout -- all agreeing to take a dive as reporters. Bring up Hunter – it’s like breaking wind in the world’s tiniest elevator.

"How dare you!" Screams the press. Well, we learned how to live with lies from the best. Or worst. That's you, the leftwing media. Our trust in you is gone and you're despised by all. So while you ignore Hunter, the rest of America ignores you.

Dana Perino responded by noting The New York Times has space for an article on "Can you tell if somebody is a Biden voter or Trump voter by looking inside their refrigerator?" So there's plenty of space for Hunter Biden reporting. 

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