MRCTV Scares Andrea Mitchell with Hunter Biden Omissions: 'We Are' Covering It!

October 29th, 2020 3:28 PM

MRCTV's Jessica Kramer caught NBC News correspondent and MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell outside their North Capitol Street HQ on Wednesday to question her on why NBC wasn't reporting on the Hunter Biden scandal. "We are," Mitchell protested. "We absolutely are." Then she insisted six feet of distance.

Mitchell claims they've been slow on the scandal because "We cover the news, and we cover facts. And we cover what is reliably truthful."

When asked if NBC/MSNBC would interview Tony Bobulinski, she dodged. "I believe there was a news conference that we saw, that he held down in Nashville." And she walked away as she was again asked for a real answer. 

As Kyle Drennen noted 10 days ago, Mitchell would only report on the Hunter scandal by dismissing it as "unverified," and citing "experts" that claim it "cannot be authenticated."

Last week, Giuliani and former Trump official Steve Bannon provided The New York Post with unverified emails, allegedly linking one of Hunter Biden’s Ukrainian partners with a possible meeting with Joe Biden when he was vice president. A meeting the Biden campaign says never took place. Experts say the emails cannot be authenticated, some may have been altered or are fake.

As for Bobulinski's testimony, Mitchell briefly touched on it during a pre-game show on the last presidential debate, dismissing his presence at the debate as a desperate and tawdry stunt by Trump:

Clearly he's signaling, by bringing in Tony Bobulinski, this former partner, supposedly, with Hunter Partner, er, Hunter Biden to the debate, who had a news conference with the traveling White House press corps, right beforehand. By bringing him right there, as a special guest, it reminds you of what he did during the last debate with Hillary Clinton, bringing in the women who accused Bill Clinton of past affairs, and wanting them to be seated in the front row, right there in Las Vegas when we were all there. So this is a stunt, and it's clearly set off that angry reaction from the Biden camp that Chuck just read. So that's setting a very bad tone going in.

Two of the women at that debate -- Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey -- accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault, and Paula Jones accused him of dropping his pants and asking her to "kiss it." None of them were "past affairs." That would imply consent.

Before the debate, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN all chose to continue with their normally-scheduled programming, ignoring Bobulinski's first on-camera remarks about his past business ties with the Bidens. The networks also chose to skip Bobulinski's interviews with Tucker Carlson on Fox News.