Comedian Chelsea Handler: I Had to Remind My Ex-Boyfriend Black People Can't Vote Trump

October 24th, 2020 10:05 PM

Self-absorbed leftist comedian Chelsea Handler went viral on Friday night's Tonight Show when she disparaged ex-boyfriend 50 Cent for endorsing the president: "I had to remind him that he was a black person, so he can’t vote for Donald Trump."

She had been lamenting that she's been very vicious to her assistant, but host Jimmy Fallon asked Handler if she watched the Trump-Biden debate. "I took myself out to dinner instead of watching the debate, because I've heard that idiot talk for four years and I don't need to hear him say another word!" Fallon laughed like she was incredibly funny. She continued:  "I mean, seriously. My blood pressure, you could already tell when I get enervated, it's not good for anybody. So I can't watch him talk, no thanks."

Then she brought up 50 Cent (real name: Curtis James Jackson III). MRC's Brent Baker had a very popular tweet with the video of Hander's white-splaining: 

Handler said: You heard about my ex-boyfriend, right 50 Cent and his support of Donald Trump how he tweeted about it.." Fallon said yes, and noted she had called him her favorite ex-boyfriend.

HANDLER: He says he doesn't want to pay 62 percent of taxes, which by the way, isn't a plan of Joe Biden's. That's a lie so he doesn't want to pay 62 percent of taxes because he doesn't want to go from being 50 Cent to 20 Cent and I -- and I had to remind him that he was a black person so he can't vote for Donald Trump, and that he shouldn't be influencing an entire swath of people who may listen to him because he's worried about his own personal pocketbook.

So I haven't heard back from him yet, but I am willing to, you know, seal the deal in more ways than one if he changes his mind and publicly denounces Donald Trump I might be willing to go for another spin, if you know what I'm talking about. 

Handler was harassing 50 Cent on Twitter with messages like "Hey f**ker! I will pay your taxes in exchange for you coming to your senses. Happily! Black lives matter. That’s you, f**ker! Remember?"