PEOPLE Oozes for RBG: 'Supreme Court's First Bona Fide Rock Star'

September 27th, 2020 6:37 AM

People magazine has gone incredibly light on politics in the Trump era, but they did take a moment around the Democrat convention to puff the Biden-Harris ticket. But they felt compelled to offer secular praise and worship around the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg with a cover on “Her Amazing Life & Powerful Legacy: Fighting tirelessly for equal rights, the Supreme Court Justice became a beloved cultural icon – and changed America forever.”

For laughs, you can always wonder why there was no Remembering Antonin Scalia cover story in People back in 2016.

Inside, over a two-page black-and-white photo of Ginsburg outside the high court on her first day on the job in 1993, the headline was “The Incredible Life & Legacy of ‘Notorious RBG’ – Speaking softly but meaning business, she spent five decades battling inequality in all its forms – and became the Supreme court’s first bona fide rock star.”

Reporter Sandra Sobieraj Westfall brought the expected gush from her liberal-media admirers, including abortion-loving Irin Carmon and CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, and the usual celebrity sugar. “Her rest is earned,” they quoted actress Kerry Washington. “It is our turn to fight.”

Like a good celebrity-obsessed mag, they puffed up “A Pop-Culture Phenom."

Everything from RBG’s filmed octogenarian workouts…to her snappy wit and iconic look –emblazoned on socks and made into bobbleheads and celebrated in viral memes – turned her into an icon. And she enjoyed it all, even keeping a stash of “Notorious RBG” T-shirts to give as gifts.

Readers were told Ginsburg had been “drawing on both her mother’s admonition against anger and the values – justice, peace and enlightenment – of her Jewish faith." Justice Ginsburg said her work was the "most joyous thing I could do. Westfall added: "And the most urgent: Jewish scholars noted there is a teaching that says those who die at the dawn of Rosh Hashanah are those God waited till the last moment to bring home because they were needed most.”

So God is apparently a pro-abortion leftist.