CNN Cues Ilhan Omar to Wage Jihad on Trump: 'Tell Us Your Reaction'

September 24th, 2020 9:50 AM

On Wednesday afternoon, CNN host Brianna Keilar criticized President Trump's "racist" attack on Rep. Ilhan Omar in a speech, and then brought on Omar to unload anti-Trump speeches with the usual "questions" like "Tell us your reaction." They showed a clip of the president mocking Omar's routine about tearing American capitalism down, defunding the police, and so on.

KEILAR: Tell us your reaction to what you heard the president say.

OMAR: I mean, the president clearly loves to prey on people's fears. He spreads the disease of hate everywhere he goes and these cult rallies that he's holding across the country are now being fueled by fear.

CNN cries "racism" when President Trump is mocking Omar's origins in Somalia. He's saying "if Somalia was so great, why did you come to America? How can America be so terrible for you, compared to that?"

Omar bragged that he's scared of her ultraliberal congressional district, because her voters will turn out against him. Then Keilar cited the New York Times Magazine interview of her, but Keilar left out the parts about her anti-Semitism (no "disease of hate" there!), not to mention the home-wrecking adultery with her white political consultant: 

KEILAR: You heard the cheers, right? He said that and the crowd cheered him. And I know that you were recently asked about violent imagery used of you and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the congresswoman, and you were asked if any Republicans have reached out to you, even privately, to say this is not okay. And you said that hadn't happened. I wonder, as you see many people essentially support or support through silence this kind of rhetoric, why you think that is? Why do they do that?

OMAR: I mean, it shows really the ways in which our country has descended into a place where you are being attacked for being an immigrant, you're being attacked for being Muslim and you're being attacked even for being a woman in a political sphere. You can see just how low, not only Republicans but even their base, has gotten. And when you have attacks coming from the highest office in this country, it is completely reshaping the societal outlooks of our country, and it's quite shameful.

Keilar just let Omar give a speech for more than two minutes without interruption, and it ended up with Omar blaming Trump for all 200,000 Americans who've died from coronavirus complications.

OMAR: And we now have a president that has been responsible, truly, for the death of 200,000 Americans, because he did not figure out how to cohesively lead our country while we are dealing with a pandemic, and that includes my own father. And we have a president that is overseeing one of the most financial devastations our country has ever seen and we are dealing with a clear uprising across the country where people are fed up and are ready for systematic change.

And instead of addressing those issues, he resorts to racist attacks and attacking immigrants. I mean, this is a president who doesn't recognize that his own mother and grandfather were immigrants, that four of his children were born to women who were immigrants. Not only is he a racist, but he's racist xenophobic because he is not against immigration, he is just against immigrants who look like me.

As usual, CNN is coddling the Squad. Or is it Squadd-ling?