'The View' Crew Cries Misogyny As Warren Drops Out, Blames...the Media

March 7th, 2020 1:12 PM

Nobody should be surprised that The View on ABC broke out on Friday into a denunciation of "patriarchy" and "misogyny" after Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the presidential race. After a few clips of Warren playing the Sexism card, Meghan McCain blamed the media.

Blaming the media is acceptable, if... you have evidence. Can anyone cite a specific example of vicious anti-Warren news coverage?

“I think there’s this feeling where you have people like [Amy] Klobuchar, Warren, Kamala Harris, who’s a sitting senator…gender did really come into play,” McCain argued. “The way they’re covered by the media. It’s the way they look, they’re too likable, they’re not likable enough, they’re too shrill, she’s not smart enough, she’s not warm enough. And it’s every woman that runs and I think there’s a feeling of exhaustion among a lot of American women.”

"When is the media…When are we going to start treating them like men?” she wondered. “I’m always hopeful that each election cycle they will and then I’m disappointed that they don’t.” She added “I saw it front and center with Sarah Palin, and I think they’re horrible trends going forward. They’re just treated differently." 

Co-host Joy Behar was happy to add her feminist two cents:“In the patriarchy that we find ourselves, a man can be angry, a woman cannot be. Bernie is always angry. I like him very much, he’s a good guy, but he always comes across as angry. Elizabeth Warren can’t come across that way. So they have similar agendas, the two of them too, and we accept it in him but not in her."

Of course, Trump makes it risky to nominate a woman again, Behar admitted. "In a normal year without the horror show that’s going on in the White House right now, I think that a woman could have had a better chance, but we are in an emergency situation and we could not take a chance on the misogynists in this country ruining it for a woman, and that’s what is happening right now. That doesn’t mean it’s going to happen again. I don’t think it will next time. People are getting smarter.”

Guest co-host Sara Haines, an alumna of the View table, was the dissident. She said she favored Buttigieg over Warren, that Warren was "too far left" for her. She added "I also think we need to stop putting people so much into categories. Not every black person thinks like every black person. Not every woman thinks like every woman. Not every young person thinks like every young person. We keep grouping everyone together and that is limiting our potential. We’re more nuanced individual to individual."

Behar shot back: “But you can’t dismiss the misogyny and the sexism in the country.”

At least McCain added "I'd love it to be a conservative woman, happy if it's Nikki Haley. But I do think women traditionally are better leaders in a lot of situations because we're more compassionate." Now who's wallowing in gender stereotypes?