TIME Pours Sugar on Nancy Pelosi As She Calls Trump a 'Coward' and 'Cruel'

January 11th, 2020 6:43 PM

It took until September of 2018 -- 31 years into her House career -- for Time magazine to devote a cover story to Nancy Pelosi, and it was a doozy.

Time's Molly Ball oozed "It was her creativity, stamina and willpower that drove the defining Democratic accomplishments of the past decade...Her Republican successors’ ineptitude has thrown her skills into sharp relief. It’s not a stretch to say Pelosi is one of very few legislators in Washington who actually know what they’re doing."

Now Molly is coddling again in a second cover story, touting that "she established herself as counterweight and constrainer of this divisive President," as if Democrats never divide. 

She outmaneuvered Trump on policy, from the border wall he didn’t get to the budget agreement he signed loaded with goodies that Democrats wanted. She oversaw an unprecedented litigation effort against the Executive Branch, racking up landmark court victories. And she was the tactician behind the investigation that resulted in Trump’s impeachment on Dec. 18.

Time made a badly disguised DNC-style video with plinking piano notes under Pelosi's little speeches against Trump: 

NANCY PELOSI: I truly do believe that everything he says about somebody else is a projection of his own weakness. He recognizes it because he sees it in himself. For example, he calls me Nervous [Nancy], who's more nervous than he is in a total meltdown? He calls Adam Schiff names, this or that, Hillary names -- that are all completely identifiable with him. 

He's a perfect foil for me. He doesn't bother me at all. But it is a bother, that he is the president of the United States. That's why I pray for him, and I pray for our country. 

On the video, Ball explained she's repeatedly interviewed Pelosi, and is working on a book -- certainly another pail of pro-Pelosi goo. She said "the impeachment of Donald Trump is going to be a major part of Nancy Pelosi's legacy," but she was reluctant.

According to Pelosi, it's all Trump's fault: "I'm sorry it's necessary. I'm sorry that the actions of the president make this necessary. It's not a good day for our country when we suspect that the president of the United States considers himself above the law. He will be held accountable."

Without any giggling, Ball explained about Pelosi's impeachment. "The key to it was to avoid appearing politically motivated." 

Then Pelosi launches another partisan attack, with musical accompaniment: 

PELOSI: President Trump has been a coward when it comes to protecting children from gun violence. He has been cruel instead of helping our Dreamers, whom we take such pride in. He's in denial on the climate crisis, the list goes on and on. They are subjects for the election, and yes, we disagree with them....you go after the Constitution of the United States, undermining our national security, jeopardizing the integrity of our elections, you're in impeachment turf. He gave us no choice. 

She added that "the fact that the Republicans are in denial of the factual basis of what happened is sad for our country."

No one should be in denial about which "news" magazine offers melodic publicity for liberal San Francisco Democrats.