Bloomberg's 'Anti-Trump Moonshot' Underlines Big Conflict of Interest for 'Bloomberg News'

February 13th, 2019 10:24 AM

The Drudge Report is highlighting a piece by Politico's Marc Caputo headlined 

Michael Bloomberg’s $500 million anti-Trump moonshot

The sum represents a floor, not a ceiling, on the billionaire’s potential spending to defeat the president in 2020.

Question for media critics: How do the journalists across the "Bloomberg News' empire not have a massive conflict of interest in covering anything related to Trump? Caputo began: 

Billionaire philanthropist Michael Bloomberg is preparing to spend at least $500 million from his own pocket to deny President Trump a second term, according to Democratic operatives briefed on his plans.

Bloomberg has not yet announced whether he will run in the Democratic primary. If he runs, he will use that half-billion-dollar stake — roughly $175 million more than the Trump campaign spent over the course of the entire 2016 election cycle — to fuel his campaign through the 2020 primary season, with the expectation that the sum represents a floor, not a ceiling, on his potential spending.

If Bloomberg declines to seek the presidency, his intention is to run an unprecedented data-heavy campaign designed to operate as a shadow political party for the eventual Democratic nominee.

Bloomberg said Friday at an Orlando event highlighting his role as "UN Special Envoy for Climate Action" that he’ll make a decision on which Beat Trump path he will take in “three more weeks.”

"Bloomberg News" already operates with the massive conflict of interest in Bloomberg-funded political enterprises like Everytown for Gun Safety. Caputo notes "progressives" doubt his climate-change bona fides despite "his commitment of $218 million to help cities reduce their carbon footprint while also financing the Sierra Club’s unprecedented Beyond Coal campaign that has shuttered 282 coal-fired electricity plants."

Content produced by Bloomberg News is disseminated through Bloomberg Television, Bloomberg Radio, the magazines Bloomberg Businessweek and Bloomberg Markets and And you thought only Trump had to put his name on everything.

Somehow, Caputo couldn't find a place in all this What Will Bloomberg Do speculation to discuss the nagging Journalism Ethics angle. 

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