Rep. Dave Brat Whacks 'Lying Liberal Media' on 'Hundreds' Protesting at His Office

July 1st, 2018 8:50 PM

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported Virginia congressman Dave Brat sent a fundraising email to supporters Wednesday challenging a media report that “hundreds” of people protested him on immigration policy along the street outside his Glen Allen, Virginia last Sunday, organized by the liberal group Together We Will Henrico. 

He linked to a story by Richmond's NBC station WWBT (at which showed the "crowd" was barely worth a news story. It's like a group of people lined up, one by one, along a single block. You'd be lucky to get to one hundred when you look at the video. 

“Perhaps tens of protesters, but hundreds is a ridiculous exaggeration,” wrote Brat, R-7th, in an email with the subject line “Lying liberal media.”

“Where does this endless stream of fake news end?”

NBC12 used a figure provided by the organizer. Melissa McKenney [pictured], who heads the group, said she and others at the protest made a rough count of 250 to 300 people.

This is where you point and laugh at NBC12: Couldn't you look at your own video instead of using the liberal's exaggerated estimate? But it's there on screen, "HUNDREDS PROTEST FAMILY SEPARATION." Even the liberal group's own Facebook page ran a Democrat "block party" size photo! 

Katey Price, Brat's campaign manager, pointed out "You need at least 200 to make it 'hundreds.'" McKenney lamely tried to argue you couldn't see them all. “Many came for just a portion of the event,” she said in an email. “Several sat on the shaded hill where not easily visible to the road, cameras, etc.”

Another liberal media trick is to announce massive liberal estimates before the event even happens. Take MSNBC hack Brian Williams on Friday night: "The Trump presidency has sparked yet another call for action this weekend with tens of thousands of people expected to take to the streets from coast to coast." On Saturday's Today, NBC reporter Kelly O'Donnell echoed "We expect, according to organizers, as many as 50,000 demonstrators in Washington."

Sunday's Washington Post tried to be nice to organizers and their "anticipation of 50,000 protesters' arrival in the District. The crowd seemed somewhat shy of that, although organizers said aerial photographs indicated it was still in the tens of thousands." Once again: can't the Post ask for these aerial photographs and confirm it?

It's too bad we don't have video of anyone promising "hundreds" of protesters against Dave Brat, because they didn't show visual evidence of that.