Joy Behar Asks Dr. Phil: Isn't President Trump Grooming Macron Like an Orangutan?

April 26th, 2018 3:50 PM

Psychologist and talk-show host Dr. Phil McGraw was the big guest on The View on Thursday, and they began by suggesting it's unfair to try and diagnose rapper Kanye West with mental illness based on his new pro-Trump tweets. But then, that "comedian" Joy Behar asked Dr. Phil if Trump's "bromance" with French prime minister Emmanuel Macron resembled the behavior of an orangutan. So Dr. Phil diagnosed Trump from afar as engaging in a "power play," suggesting to Macron that he had a "bigger stick." 

JOY BEHAR: So Trump's been hosting Macron. Have you been watching the bromance?

Dr. PHIL McGRAW: I have.

BEHAR: Sometimes they shake hands for like a half hour.

Dr. PHIL: Yeah.

BEHAR: Trump brushes the dandruff off Trump [sic, Macron] like an orangutan does that. So have you ever seen a Dian Fossey documentary? That’s what the monkeys do. They do this [grooming motion]. What's that about? What's going on there? [ Laughter ]

SUNNY HOSTIN, after laughing: Joy knows everything about animals, by the way Animal habits.

BEHAR: I do.


Dr. PHIL: That does seem to be a bit of a loaded question.

BEHAR: I'm just saying.

Dr. PHIL No, listen. It does seem that he is being paternal with him.

BEHAR: Oh really?

Dr. PHIL Don't you think?

BEHAR: Well, it looks like a power play to me.

Dr. PHIL It does, it looks like a power play. It looks like he's being paternal because he is positioning him and then he is kind of grooming him

BEHAR: Grooming him.

Dr. PHIL: And also it's kind of -- I think he's trying to establish a one-up position, a father/son kind of, “Look, stick with me, I'll take care of you here, I've got the bigger stick.”

HOSTIN: Oh! Moving on --

BEHAR:  You devil. [ Laughter ]

On Wednesday, The View mocked Trump and Macron's hand-shaking and air-kissing with a video The Washington Post website made, complete with a bossa nova romantic-piano soundtrack. Their headline was "Trump and Macron can't stop touching each other." Could that be seen as mocking the two leaders as gay? And how does that little satire match "Democracy Dies in Darkness"?

So when Trump is fighting and taunting world leaders, that's worth mocking. And when Trump is getting along with world leaders, that's also worth mocking. It shows you the hateful consistency of the media elites.