Baghdad Bob Moment: MSNBC Claims DNC Chair 'Receives Cheers'...As She's Booed Relentlessly

July 25th, 2016 3:39 PM

They had a Baghdad Bob moment on MSNBC this morning in the 9am hour (Eastern time). The Lean Forward network's screen graphic read "WASSERMAN SCHULTZ RECEIVES CHEERS AT FLORIDA DELEGATION BREAKFAST," while it was very plain to viewers that she was being booed relentlessly.

Anchor Stephanie Ruhle must have heard the boos in her earpiece, and said “She actually walked in to cheers and a lot of support from the crowd.” That's odd. All the audience saw and heard to match that graphic was booing and heckling. Here's the video from

Later, the screen graphic changed to "cheers and boos" despite the lack of applause for the first two minutes on MSNBC's airwaves. (She had to mention denying people access to guns to get a few seconds of applause.) By the end of her six-minute speech, as she yelled over hecklers, the screen read "Sanders supporters trying to drown out departing DNC chair."

Ruhle knew it was a bad moment, because then she turned to GOP spokesman Sean Spicer and asked, "I’m going to start with this. Are you loving this?" She later got back on her Lean Forward toes and insisted to Spicer "You also had utter chaos." reported on Monday afternoon that Wasserman Schultz will not speak to the convention, and then explained her rough morning:

The anger over leaked emails showing DNC officials plotting against the primary campaign of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders boiled over Monday as Wasserman Schultz was greeted by boos and jeers at her home state's breakfast meeting. Later, Bernie Sanders spoke to a raucous crowd of delegates supporting his candidacy which reacted with boos when he urged them to support Clinton's election this fall.

At this morning's breakfast, dozens of people sporting shirts and pins in support of Sanders booed, yelled and waved signs as Wasserman Schultz attempted to speak to the Florida Delegation at Philadelphia's Downtown Marriott hotel.

"Tim Canova!" some chanted, referring to the chairwoman's congressional Democratic primary challenger in her Florida district.

The primary is August 30. Miami New Times reported Tim Canova was a hot topic in the DNC e-mails.

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