Networks, Major Papers Skip State Department Censorship of Fox News Q&A Video

May 11th, 2016 8:27 PM

In the national TV-news world, only Fox News reported that Obama national-security communications whiz Ben Rhodes told The New York Times he created an “echo chamber” with a compliant national media to promote the Iran arms deal, even misleading the public as to when those talks began. They actually began in July 2012, but the administration claimed it began after “moderate” Hassan Rouhani’s election in June 2013.

The same only-Fox-cares pattern happened after Fox diplomatic correspondent James Rosen reported that the State Department edited out an on-camera admission by Psaki in 2013 that it was necessary for the Obama administration to lie to reporters about negotating with Iran, since “diplomacy requires privacy to progress.” As Rosen explained on Monday’s Special Report:

ROSEN: Late today we discovered that the State Department's video of its December 2, 2013 press briefing at which I confronted spokesperson Jen Psaki about the false statement made by her predecessor Victoria Nuland, the one you saw in my story tonight has itself with the use of a white flash, been deleted from both the State Department's official Web site and from its YouTube channel. In that exchange, Psaki effectively admitted that the administration had lied to me because the diplomacy needed, quote, "privacy." The State Department told me just moments ago it cannot explain this deletion and is working to restore the excised material.

MRCTV’s Craig Bannister noticed this report and compared it to an earlier MRCTV scoop last month where the White House edited out French president Francois Hollande telling President Obama that “Islamist terrorism” is the root of terrorism today. That editing job, like the Psaki edit, was also ignored by the liberal networks and by major newspapers.

One can easily guess that liberals in the so-called "mainstream media" newsrooms tell each other "That's a Fox story," with about the same tone as a Maitre D' at Le Cirque discussing the new menu item at McDonald's.

This part of the December 2, 2013 briefing was (temporarily) removed from public view by the Obama administration:

JEN PSAKI: James, I have no new information for you today on the timing of when there were any discussions with any Iranian officials.

JAMES ROSEN: Let me try it one last way, Jen.

PSAKI: Okay.

ROSEN: And I appreciate your indulgence.

PSAKI: Sure.

ROSEN: Is it the policy of the State Department where the preservation of the secrecy of secret negotiations is concerned, to lie in order to achieve that goal?

PSAKI: James, I think there are times where diplomacy needs privacy in order to progress. This is a good example of that.