Hillary Visits Set of 'Scandal,' Avoids All Obvious Jokes

February 23rd, 2016 2:42 PM

Jackie Strause at The Hollywood Reporter relayed that Hillary Clinton visited the set of the ABC drama Scandal on Monday while she was in Los Angeles for the usual Tinseltown fundraisers, her seventh Hollywood trip in this cycle. Strause's story avoided all the obvious jokes, given Hillary's trainload of scandals, including lying about presidential adultery, which is also at the center of the ABC show. President Fitzgerald Grant had a hot affair with lead character Olivia Pope.

This is the closest Strause came to the tension between Scandal plot and Clinton reality:

On the fifth season of the ABC political drama, [Tony] Goldwyn (who campaigned for Clinton during the Nevada primary [sic] last week) runs the Oval as Fitzgerald Grant — but the second half of the season will see current first lady Mellie Grant (played by Bellamy Young), campaigning for president.

Other Scandal stars posted pictures on Instagram and repeated Hillary's #imwithher hashtag:

So, this happened while I was directing tonight. No big deal. #imwithher," said star Scott Foley in a post that showed Clinton laughing alongside the Republican TV president, Tony Goldwyn...

Another Clinton supporter, Olivia Pope herself, also documented the pop-in: Kerry Washington, dressed in a purple suit, looks on as Clinton, in wearing a green suit, shakes hands with the cast and crew.

"A good friend came by set today," Washington captioned the photo. "Proud to say... #imwithher."

Goldwyn later took to Twitter to call Clinton the "ultimate #Gladiator" and thank her for visiting their "alternate universe."

The creator of Scandal, Shonda Rhimes is one of the celebrities who appeared in a pro-Hillary video put together by HBO star Lena Dunham. "I'm with her because I want to maintain my freedoms," Rhimes says in the video. "I’m with her because I want my daughters to grow up safe, and I’m with her because every child in this country deserves an equal shot at the American dream."

This is a little sick, since the children killed in abortions don't get an "equal shot." Rhimes used a Christmas-themed episode of Scandal to have her lead character Olivia Pope get a righteous abortion (of the president's baby) while a gospel choir sang “Silent Night” over the scene.