Actress Olivia Wilde Says Attacks On Hillary Are 'Pure Sexism' and 'Pure Misogyny'

October 14th, 2015 1:32 PM

Don’t tell actress Olivia Wilde that Hillary comes across as an ice queen. That means you’re a sexist pig. In an interview with Marlow Stern at the Daily Beast the former House cast member unleashed. 

“It’s pure sexism,” she says. “This bullshit about her not seeming ‘warm’ enough is pure misogyny. It’s ridiculous. I think she’s one of the loveliest, most personable politicians I’ve ever met — much warmer than other politicians, in fact. That’s pure sexism.”

Stern wrote the "actress-humanitarian" Wilde "can’t help but chortle as she recalls the four-minute introduction she gave to Hillary Clinton at a campaign event back in June. But given Trump’s subsequent media blitzkrieg coupled with Ben Carson’s bizarre Holocaust fixation, the start of summer seems like a distant memory." 

Wilde isn’t shy about crying “BS” in anyone scheming to defeat President Hillary: 

“She’s an incredibly skilled debater and her intelligence and experience speaks for itself,” Wilde says of Hillary. “That’s the thing about Hillary — when people stop scheming to take her down with bullshit, her actual resume speaks for itself. Everything that’s happened so far in this election has just been ridiculous for the Republican Party, of course, and so illuminating in its transparency, and people are getting inspired by Bernie [Sanders] and inspired by Hillary, and that’s a great thing. People are engaged.”

Stern reported: 

Wilde’s readiness for Hillary has only increased. In recent months, her splendidly uninhibited Twitter feed has called Hills’ email scandal “a waste of newsprint” and trolled Trump with a photo of a Donald piñata, saying it’s “full of bologna meat.”

While Wilde raged against the killing of Cecil the Lion this summer, in 2012, Wilde tweeted at Romney's defunding promise of Planned Parenthood "BACK THE F OFF MY RIGHTS, WILLARD." (That is Romney's birth name.) In 2013, she called the Ted Cruz shutdown over Obamacare a "sore loser clusterfuck." 

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