Feminist Radio Host Attacks 'That Disgrace to the Female Gender, Dana Loesch'

December 29th, 2012 7:18 AM

Sitting in on Thursday's Randi Rhodes show, Nicole Sandler was reviewing 2012 and “all the rapey guys” like Senate candidates like Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock. “You could say they raped themselves...because they got all rapey on us.” In January, Sandler added, “Frothy Rick Santorum” said the same thing to Piers Morgan on CNN, that a baby, even “horribly created,” is a “gift of human life.”  Left out of all this comedy? That it was the liberal Morgans and the stack-decking moderators who kept asking the rape questions to embarrass politicians who want to defend the unborn.

Then she turned her attack to “The disgrace to the female gender, Dana Loesch." She played a clip of Loesch saying that women complaining about a trans-vaginal probe had already been well, probed in their consensual sexual activity. This sent Sandler over the edge, complaining that perhaps Dana Loesch, a married woman and mother, has never had sex: 

Oh my god! Oh my god! No! Not even close! There's one thing known as making love Dana, maybe you've never done that, you've never experienced that. There's another thing of having something forced inside you. Wow! Maybe that's their problem! Make love, not war, it's a beautiful concept!

Perhaps Sandler was just borrowing from liberal bloggers that attacked Loesch when she said this way back in February, like at The Political Carnival: "Then again, maybe if and when Ms. Loesch ever has sex, it reminds her of being involuntarily probed by a cold electronic probe. Hey, whatever turns you on."

There is no doubt that a trans-vaginal ultrasound is more invasive to a woman seeking an abortion than an abdominal one -- especially if she's determined to abort her baby and doesn't want to see what she's killing. But it's quite amazing, isn't it, that feminists would so quickly compare the  ultrasound to a sexual assault and then deny the much more accurate analysis that the abortion is a murder?

We should wonder how the political world would look if instead of whacking at pro-lifers, our debate moderators and cable-news interviewers were asking pro-"choice" candidates like, say, Barack Obama, about supporting  "live-birth abortions," or asking those liberal backers of the disabled why they have no regret or resistance to the holocaust of babies diagnosed with disabilities or retardation?

Sandler then turned to her friend “cultural her-storian Amy Simon” for more analysis of the "Republican war on women," and not the feminist "war on babies."