MRC-TV: NOW Turns Out Tiny Anti-Limbaugh Protest, Refuses to Condemn Ed Schultz

May 21st, 2012 11:27 AM

Rush Limbaugh is probably not shaking in his boots about the latest National Organization for Women “Enough Rush” campaign. MRC-TV correspondent Dan Joseph found seven women outside WMAL radio begging “Get him off the air!”

Joseph made trouble with the tiny group by asking if they’re protesting Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke a “slut,” will they also be calling for an end to the Ed Schultz show after he called Laura Ingraham a “slut.” They refused to compare the two:


“I don’t personally call for it,” said one of the NOW protesters, “but Ed Schultz apparently has more, hasn’t lost the kind of advertisers that Rush has lost.” When Joseph repeated that perhaps they should get Schultz off the air, she insisted “I’m not saying that. I’m saying Rush has lost a lot of his advertisers, and that’s what usually keeps people on the air.”

She even went for the Nazi reference: “I’d like him off the air! It’s hate speech. And if you study the 1930's, you know where hate speech goes.”
Joseph was then approached by a NOW official who wanted him to talk instead to the “Action Vice President” on the scene, but she was not really interested. When asked about the Rush-Schultz comparison, this official said “If you did a fair comparison, there would be no comparison. “

Joseph wrapped it up by asking: “What would you say to Rush Limbaugh if he was standing here right now?” He got “Be polite” and “Grow up.”