Time's Joe Klein Claims Women Love Hillary's So-Called 'Methodist Rectitude'

June 15th, 2007 6:18 AM

The funny thing about "news" magazine blogs is that there's not much difference in editorializing quotient between the magazine and the blog posts. "Anonymous" Joe Klein is a Time columnist, officially, but he has all the partisan tics that the other MSM political gurus have. In looking at the latest Hillary polls showing her solid support among downscale women, Klein argued on Time's Swampland blog:

I suspect that Hillary's showing among women has the most significance. Something has happened here. You see it on the campaign trail. A lot of previously skeptical women have decided that Clinton's Methodist rectitude is needed to clean up the mess the frat boy made in Washington.

It's always entertaining to hear Klein -- who lied his face off for many best-selling weeks about authoring his millionaire-minting Clinton roman a clef Primary Colors, even to his Newsweek bosses -- pronounce on rectitude.

On precisely what front does Klein want to argue that Hillary has set a higher moral tone in politics than our current "frat boy" president? On the mysteriously immediate 100 grand in commodities gains through Tyson chicken? On the shredding the Rose Law Firm documents on Whitewater? Or hiding them for months in the White House residence, or in Webb Hubbell's basement? On the firing of Billy Dale and other career civil servants to make a profit for their cronies the Thomasons? On waging all-out rhetorical war on a mild-mannered special prosecutor when your husband has lied under oath about his serial infidelities in the Kiss It Paula sexual-harassment case?

Don't let them say the scandals are "old news," but the "Methodist rectitude" publicity bilge is fresher than Klein's endless Fleetwood Mac-enhanced 1992 bus trip nostalgia.