Mark Steyn: Nashville Paper Sat On Al Gore Electric-Bill Story

March 10th, 2007 8:00 AM

At The Corner, Mark Steyn notices once again that the liberal media elite's line that they only love a good story, and not any one political party in particular, can only lead one to fits of giggles:

Heres something I meant to mention yesterday the unerring news instincts of the American media . Anyone who wonders why US newspaper sales are heading south should ponder the behavior of the geniuses at The Tennessean. They had the Al Gore electric-bill story a month before the Oscars but somehow never got around to writing anything up:

      Editor Mark Silverman denies that it had anything to do with favoritism, bias, or wanting to make sure that nothing came between Al and Oscar. Instead, he told the Scene (I’ll post the link when it comes on line) that they were busy “working on other stories.”

Theother stories are worth clicking through to just for a sense of how disconnected a major state newsroom is from any idea that its bottom line might depend on producing something readable. No doubt The Tennessean was just triple-checking its sources and would have run it eventually a year or two into President Gores second term.