Omission Watch: Media Ignore Hillary Speech to Gay Group Against Social Conservatives

March 6th, 2007 7:06 AM

Over the years, the liberal media has often insisted that Hillary Rodham Clinton is a centrist, even a conservative when it comes to traditional values. That's why it's important to know that when evidence unfolds quietly that instead, Senator Clinton is solidly and passionately on the left-wing vanguard promoting the widest possible berth in America for abortion and homosexuality, the media will stay silent.

New video of Hillary speaking and being passionately supported on Friday, March 2, at a board meeting of the Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest radical gay-left group, is now on YouTube. In her speech, Hillary takes after social conservatives who fought for a Federal Marriage Amendment to prevent "gay marriage" from being the new and emerging law of the land: "This amendment was wedge politics at its worst. It was mean-spirited. It was against the entire forward movement of American history. It was the first time that anyone was proposing that we amend the Constitution to deny citizens rights, rather than widen the circle of rights and opportunities."

This is not only a passionately leftist talking point, it is transparently incorrect. It's mangling history. What about the 18th Amendment establishing the Prohibition of alcohol? That was not merely proposed, but enacted into the Constitution before being repealed. But like Bluto in "Animal House" claiming the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, forget the facts, she was on a roll against conservatives: "We stopped the Federal Marriage Amendment and we sent a strong message that we will not stand idly by when anyone tried to write discrimination into our Constitution...and I want you to know that this is exactly the kind of partnership we will have when I am President." The crowd whooped it up.

She then bizarrely claimed it was conservatives who were making the homosexual revolution a divisive political issue, while the ultraliberals are the ones who uniters, not dividers: "When we do that, it will be the end of the divisive leadership of the last six years. It will be the end of leadership that has politicized the most personal and intimate issues, and instead, we will be working once again to bring people to together to understand and respect one another."

Anyone who watches this video will see that Hillary speaks passionately with a royal "We" when discussing the ardent backers of a homosexual revolution that will overturn traditional family values in America. She lauds her friends at the HRC as the vanguard of the Founding Fathers, and their God:

"I want to thank you for how every single day, you stand up for the basic principle that our country is really anchored on, that we are all created equal and that we are each endowed with certain inalienable rights, and that we should all have the opportunity to live up to our God-given potential...Every day you stand up for who you are, you are helping us move toward that more perfect union, where equality is not just a goal but a reality."

In his introduction of Hillary, HRC leader Joe Solmonese vouched for her insistence that conservatives be defeated, once and for all time. She insisted to him on gay marriage, "How are we going to walk away from this fight and never fight this fight again?" He added: "To us, she’s a great leader, and an even better friend." Remember that the next time the media tell you she's a social "centrist."

Hat tip to Peter LaBarbera at Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, who has more on the gay-left legislation she's pledging to push.