Keith Olbermann...For President?

December 29th, 2006 7:02 AM

At the absolutely Bush-loathing website, there are Olbermann for President buttons. He is, they say, "the first-tier reality-based, progressive cable commentator" who has walked on "the path to becoming the contemporary heir to the courageous, succinct truth-telling of Edward R. Murrow." The love letter continued:

Olbermann's commentaries on the Bush Administration and America's promise are so succinct, articulate, and withering that they leave you breathless. You keep thinking, "How did the corporate media poobahs let someone so straightforward, eloquent and truthful on the air?"

In an age of media stenographers, Olbermann doesn't pull any punches. And he's not just hard hitting; he connects the dots too. In short, he puts the insane failure and duplicity of the Bush administration in context, a rare thing indeed on television and in the media in general.

No, Olbermann won't be running for president.

But then again, there was once a guy who people said was just a "B film" actor and could never be elected to the nation's highest office.

His name was Reagan.

Will we be renaming D.C.'s National (Reagan) Airport? "Olbermann Field" sure beats Reagan as a name anyday.