Classy Left-Wing Radio Jokes GOP's Calling Sen. Johnson a "Bleeding Brain Liberal"

December 19th, 2006 1:07 PM

Listening to the Stephanie Miller radio show today on the local Clear Channel "progressive talk" station, I found the trend to rely on comedians for left-wing talk radio entertainment continues. Miller's out, and the guest hostesses are comedian Elayne Boosler and comedy writer Merrill Markoe, still best known for her professional/personal relationship with David Letterman. Today, Boosler joked that Republicans "were so vile" that they were calling Sen. Tim Johnson a "bleeding-brain liberal." It fell so flat, even in the studio, that Boosler tried to point out that it was a joke.

Bloggers have pondered the term, but that was long before Senator Johnson's unfortunate illness.

Yesterday, this dynamic comedy duo was discussing Iraq, and Markoe claimed that Iraq was surrounded by Sunni Arab countries. Boosler weakly suggested "No, I think Iran is Shi'a," but Markoe insisted she was right, and they had to consult someone else to figure it out.

Boosler also explained that she loves Bill Clinton because he is so authentically Christian (unlike his opponents) that he invited his adversary Rupert Murdoch to lunch and has improved his wife's media coverage in Murdoch outlets.