WashPost Rehashes 'Macaca' In Account of 'Kramer' N-Word Outburst

November 21st, 2006 2:28 PM

The Washington Post just cannot leave "macaca" alone. In the middle of today's article about the racist N-word-screaming outburst of former Seinfeld star Michael Richards, and how it might ruin his career (such as it is), reporter Paul Farhi once again highlights the Post obsession/achievement:

"Other prominent people, such as Mel Gibson and Sen. George Allen (R-Va.), have inflicted career-threatening wounds by making racially insensitive remarks in recent months."

I don't think it's fair to compare "macaca" to screaming the N-word at a heckler. But the Post has tried very hard to make the two words mean exactly the same thing, and they're not letting up, even after they defeated Allen:

Gibson apologized repeatedly for a drunken rant against a Jewish policeman who arrested him in July. Allen also apologized after calling a young worker for his opponent "macaca" at a rally in August. The incident became an issue in Allen's unsuccessful bid for reelection.

It's like the Posties are saying "And don't ever try to run for office again!" The only other people mixing 'macaca' into the Kramer mess is a left-wing satire site.