Goodbye Gravitas: Today Anchor Morales Flashes Her Trashy Madonna Cone Bra

October 31st, 2006 10:31 AM

In the Katie Couric gravitas debate, it's always easy to point out that Tom Brokaw held the same job as Couric, but never dressed up in drag as J-Lo on Halloween like Matt Lauer did. Katie was Mae West and Donald Trump, among others.

This morning was typical -- Lauer and Al Roker were Pirates of the Caribbean -- Lauer was Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow, Roker was Davy Jones. Ann Curry was Cher, except as a Cher with no dance moves. But the sleazy kicker was news anchor Natalie Morales as Madonna -- complete with 1990-era cone bra. Not only did she have breasts that could put an eye out, she was shimmying and shaking and pelvis-thrusting like it was midnight at the dance club. Eek, were children watching? (I'd have a better shot, but she was a constant blur as she vamped.) And is this someone we can take seriously when she now reads the latest on housing starts? Or are we going to hear the disco beat of "Express Yourself" in the background?