Dude! Go See Al Gore's 'Must-See Film Of Your Lifetime,' Dude!

May 26th, 2006 4:36 PM

MRC's Michelle Humphrey spotted an incredibly effusive endorsement for Al Gore's new movie "An Inconvenient Truth" in a surprising venue -- the "Daily 10" show on the E! entertainment channel. This is a show apparently geared toward people under 25, if not under 18, with a really young group of hosts (except for thirtysomething Debbie Matenopoulos). As part of the feature called "Lyons' Den," Ben Lyons (son of "Sneak Previews" movie critic Jeffrey Lyons and surprise, a Michael Moore fan) poured on the goo for Gore just after his thumbs-up for the third X-Men film:

Lyons: "I would rather talk about something a little bit more important that needs our support. And that’s the Al Gore film, 'An Inconvenient Truth.'"

Sal Masekela: "Now you're saying 'Inconvenient Truth' is your must-see film of the year?"

Lyons: "It is the must-see of the year, of the summer, of your lifetime. This is the cause that’s going to affect our generation for the rest of our lives. You know, global warming is not something that’s going to happen, it’s happening right now and if you look at the events of the last few years to see how, you know, we’ve had a lot of natural disasters in this country and around the world.

It’s nice to see Gore not talking about Democratic issues or Republican, black, white, it doesn’t matter. If you’re old or young this is an issue that every human has to get behind. So, please, I’m telling you America spend 2 hours this summer and go support the film and it will really change your life. And it’s just so powerful to see these photographs and to see what we as humanity have done to the earth. [This is where his eyes pop, see picture.] It’s unbelievable, man. That’s the movie to see this summer. So have fun at X-Men. Get it out of your system but definitely go support 'An Inconvenient Truth.'"

Sal Masekela: " Preach, Ben Lyons!"

Ben Lyons: "Yes, yes, very important stuff."

(MRC intern Eugene Gibilaro provided the transcript.)